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'I listed my iPhone for sale on Facebook. Then a stranger threatened to rape me.'

“It’s so silly the way you women are around men.”

In perhaps the most terrifying text message exchange in relation to the sale of used electronics we’ve ever seen, a woman was verbally assaulted by a stranger for not disclosing her address. To the point where he threatened to rape and kill her.

All this by a stranger who continually tried to convince her he was “a nice guy” so she should “trust him”, moments before launching into the most aggressive, misogynistic tirade we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s a line we know all too well when dealing with men who are not by any stretch to be considered “nice”. In fact, in many situations, a man pulling the “I’m a nice guy” line can be a blinding red flag, because no truly nice guy should need to convince a woman by verbalising so, all in order to make her feel basic levels of safety around him.

In this case, the man who busted out the infamous phrase turned out to be what can only be described as a dangerous psychopath.

Posting the explosive texts to Reddit, the woman, who goes by the username “msamberjade”, titled the thread “Listed iPhone for sale on Facebook; get told women shouldn’t fear rape.”

But in reading the entire, fiery thread, it becomes clear he did much more than that. He flat-out abused her, and it’s a situation no woman should find themselves in.

It all started innocently enough as they tried to figure out a suitable place to meet and complete the exchange, until the woman suggested they meet at a coffee shop close to the man’s work.

This is where he suggests she should give him her home address instead.

She says no, as many, nay MOST, people would, to which he responds:

“Lol because you’re a woman?? Lol,” he wrote. He then called her “silly” and proceeded to criticise and demean her for being cautious.

Image: Reddit.
Image: Reddit.

His behaviour then went downhill to an alarming degree.

"There's no reason to be scared of men and avoid giving out your address," he attempted to assure her, before adding; "You can trust me I'm a nice guy."

The woman responded calmly in an attempt to brush over his first problematic remark: "It's not personal. I don't want anyone I don't know, man or woman, having my address. So what time would be good?" she replies.

But the man then, bizarrely, took this as an opportunity to launch into an anti-feminist rant, claiming that "women don't experience the harassment they claim", which given how the abusive text messages escalate throughout the exchange, is quite ironic.


He – the self-proclaimed nice guy – said the "feminist movement" has made men out to be "bad guys" calling it "ridiculous" and "bullsh*t" because women have nothing to fear.

Oh. But this wasn't even the last of it.

After blatantly mansplaining feminism and getting it horribly wrong, claiming he's just "taking the opportunity to educate women about the reality of the world", basically yelling at her that she has nothing to fear, berating her and all women in general, he then had the audacity to try and spark up a romance.


Sir... Now is not the time. The time for you is never. Please go away.

"Do you have a boyfriend by any chance?" he casually asks mid-rant, before dropping "you're cute btw" and again trying to convince her she can "trust him" because HE'S A GOOD GUY and excuse us while we try not to vomit.

This is when things turn from bad to worse. She – of course – ignores his advances, which angers the man, sending him on a violent and deranged tangent about how women lie about rape, calling her a "slut" and a "nazi" and telling her "die whore." Here, he basically threatens to rape her himself, before throwing in again that he's a "nice guy".


Um... Huh? 

The woman, believing she is being trolled by someone with a sick sense of humour, tries to diffuse the situation to no avail.

He also says, more than once, that he is a "nice guy", even a "perfectly nice guy" all while he continues to abuse her.

Image: Reddit.
Image: Reddit.

We don't think he knows what the word nice actually means...

He rounds out the whole terrifying tirade by accidentally calling her a "gumdrop" in his blind rage, before telling her to "have a good night trash".


Image: Reddit.

The entire encounter makes us genuinely (more) fearful of strangers on the internet, and wholly convinced this man belongs behind bars and/or in a bin. As in, yesterday.

On top of that, it sadly deters us from selling anything on Facebook ever again.

But perhaps the most disheartening realisation of it all is that this is far from common for many women.

It does, however, teach us a valuable lesson:

Beware the man who purports to be a "nice guy".

He's not just lurking on Tinder.

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