"They're barely on the planet." Ryan Reynolds just took a hilarious swipe at Australia.

So… We think we’ve offended Ryan Reynolds.

Well, not ‘us’ specifically, but Australia has.

Or so Ryan says.

The 41-year-old shared a tongue-in-cheek video on Twitter featuring himself dressed as Marvel character Deadpool, in a bid to get Canada, his homeland, into Eurovision.


“Don’t give me that crap about Canada not being part of the European family. You let in Australia and they’re barely on the planet,”the 41-year-old said.

“Our generous gift of Celine Dion alone should earn us an invite.”

We really can’t disagree with him on that one. I mean, it is Celine Dion after all.

Are couple goals bullsh*t? The Out Loud team discusses. Post continues after audio…

Australia was controversially included in the the European singing contest back in 2015, and this will be the fourth year we’ve participated. From Guy Sebastian, to Dami Im and Isaiah Firebrace, we’ve had some quality entrants.

This year, Jessica Mauboy will be flying the Aussie flag, and we’re behind her all the way.

As for Ryan Reynolds and Canada, we hope the Eurovision board lends them some leniency.

C’mon Eurovision, make Ryan happy.

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