There's a theory that one of the Dead to Me characters isn't who they say they are.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Dead To Me season two. If you haven’t watched, bookmark this page and come back when you have for a juicy conspiracy theory. You’ve been warned.

This week, I did something really bad.

I fell down a 5G tower-sized conspiracy theory hole, and found myself reading hours and hours of comments from people who believe conspiracies about… everything. The current global pandemic, Bill Gates, lizard people (really) and the aforementioned technological advance that is 5G.

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In the process, I lost many brain cells and quite a lot of faith in humanity.

I think my foray into that absolute madness has caused permanent damage, because the other thing I’ve been thinking about this week is the second season of the glorious Netflix series Dead To Me. And I am now a firm believer in a Dead To Me conspiracy theory.

dead to me season 3
Image: Netflix.

Right, so do you recall at the end of the first episode of season 2, when a man who looks identical to Steve - the man whose body Judy and Jen had just fished out of the pool, and hid in a chest freezer - shows up at Jen's door?

Of course you do. Because precisely all of us were like, 'WHAT THE HELL HOW IS HE ALIVE?'.

That man was Ben, Steve's very nice, non-money laundering (so far as we can tell) twin brother. Ben is delightful. He's nice to Judy, and Jen, and... everyone. He's the total opposite of Steve, and we were all very happy that his entrance meant we'd continue to see James Marsden for the rest of the series.

But - hear me out - what if it is Steve?

The twin thing is one of the oldest plot twists in the book, especially with the added 'good twin/bad twin' thing. Think about every soap opera you've ever heard of, telenovelas, Jane the Virgin and uh... Pretty Little Liars.

You see, we never knew Steve had a twin beforehand. There was an entire season where Steve never mentioned he had a brother, and Judy - who we know knew about Ben - didn't either.

dead to me steve
Image: Netflix.

And you know what's perhaps even a bigger trope than a secret twin? A secret twin who is actually the other twin, because they swapped identities.

Do I have much proof? WELL ACTUALLY.

Yes. When Ben received the phone call before leaving his parents' house, he was wearing a typically-Ben outfit: Flannel shirt and a vest.

But when he crashed his car, he was wearing a light blue button-up shirt, something ol' mate Steve would definitely wear.

dead to me steve ben


That's... sort of the extent of my actual evidence. But Steve was in deep sh*t with his powerful money-laundering pals, and from what we know of Ben, he's a nice guy who has a bit of an inferiority complex due to his parents seemingly favouring Steve. Oh, and he has (or had) an alcohol problem.

All of this would make it pretty easy for Steve to manipulate Ben into swapping places with him, maybe just every now and again.

Ben could've been the one to very drunkingly turn up to Jen's and uh... die.

Plus, driving off from a car crash is such a Steve thing to do.

The twins' mum also seems really sus, don't you think? And the phone call Ben received before he went out "to get some ice cream" was certainly... odd. It could've been the authorities calling to say bones had been found, but it also happened around the same time it was discovered the police chief was involved with the Greek Mafia, so it may - if Ben is Steve and Steve is Ben - have been related to that.

Does this theory conveniently ignore the facts; like Ben's chest scars for example? 100 per cent, but that's what makes it a real conspiracy, you guys.

There will be unverified YouTube videos within days, I guarantee it. Soon memes will have the words 'wake up' written across James Marsden's face.

Dead To Me is a bloody roller coaster, full of plot twists and the ability to make the seriously absurd seem plausible. It's ridiculous, in the best possible way.

And with that, I offer you a tin foil hat: Come join me.