A day care worker badly beaten, protecting 3 children from their drunk father.

One brave day care owner was beaten trying to protect the kids in her care.

Francis Jackson arrived with an unknown woman in tow, at the Montana day care centre his three children attend and demanded to see them last week.

But the centre’s owner Martha McClure, smelling alcohol on his breath and knowing he was legally banned from seeing his kids, told him he needed to leave.

Jackson allegedly became aggressive, yelling that Ms McClure couldn’t take his children away and began throwing things at the window.

day care worker beaten
Image via iStock.

Ms McClure quickly secured the three kids – who are all under the age of four and currently in government care awaiting adoption – inside the building before facing the man and his companion with a snow shovel to defend herself.

Deputy Lake County Attorney James Lapotka alleged the woman hit Ms McClure with the shovel and Jackson struck her in the face.

Ms McClure’s friend, Krista Osterwyk-McKnight, told Buzzfeed the mother of four underwent surgery to repair her injured eye socket earlier this week and is still seeing double.


Ms Osterwyk-McKnight said the brave actions of her “very protective” and “caring” friend came as no surprise.

“She treats every child like [they are] her own,” she said.

“She has a huge heart.”

day care worker beaten
Martha McClure post-surgery. Image via GoFundMe.

Ms Osterwyk-McKnight has started a GoFundMe campaign to help her friend, whose recovery will take some time, out financially.

More than $19,000 has already been raised to pay for medical bills, counselling and the staff wages while Ms McClure is off work.

“It’s really killing her not being at work,” Ms Osterwyk-McKnight said.

Jackson has been charged with aggravated burglary and custodial interference, but his female accomplice has not yet been arrested.