Six moments that prove Dawson's Creek is the saddest show you'll ever watch.


Dawson’s Creek was the show that defined my teenage years.

It may have been 20 years since the teen drama first aired, but I still clearly remember making sure I had control over my family’s second TV every week so I could catch up with the Capeside crew.

And I have to admit a lot of those hours were spent silently sobbing on front of said TV, hoping my older brother and sister wouldn’t walk in, see my tears, and take the p*ss out of me.

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Because Dawson’s Creek was really freakin’ sad, guys.

There were dying parents and grandparents everywhere, deaths of the main characters, and moments of intense heartbreak that only angsty teenagers could produce.

So get the tissues ready because we’re about take a journey back through the creek’s most tear-inducing moments:

That time Jen sat by her dying grandfather’s deathbed.

As soon as we met Jen we realised her life would be marred by tragedy.

Jen moved to Capeside to live with her grandparents because she was a “bad girl” and her parents couldn’t cope with her anymore.

But just as Jen arrived her grandfather passed away.

One of the first glimpses we get of Jen is of her sitting beside her grandfather’s bed in his last few hours of life. It was pretty hard-hitting stuff for the first few moments of a teen show.


That time Joey sang ‘Own My Own’ at the beauty contest.

Be still our beating teenage angsty hearts.

In episode 12 of season one, Joey decides to enter a beauty pageant in the hopes of winning $5000 to put towards her college tuition.

When she gets up on stage to sing ‘Own My Own’ from Les Misérables, Dawson finally realises that his feelings for Joey might be changing.

It really pulled at the heartstrings of teenage girls around the world as we all thought about our own Dawson finally friggin’ seeing us.

That time Jack accidentally came out while reading a poem.

Not only was this moment groundbreaking but it also made us feel like we definitely, totally had something in our eyes.

Jack was just coming to terms with the fact that he’s gay when a teacher forced him to read a poem, about a same-sex couple, out loud in front of the class.

Choked up and on the brink of tears, Jack reads out the poem knowing that he was accidentally coming out of the closest.

That time Joey and Pacey told Dawson about their feelings for each other.

This was the stuff that teenage angst was made of.

In episode 20 of season three, Joey and Pacey finally work up the courage to tell Dawson’s that they have feelings for each other.

Of course Dawson doesn’t respond well and probably does this:



The episode is told from three different points of view – so we get to cry three times… goodie.

That time Pacey dumped Joey at the prom.

Oh, Pacey.

After finally getting their s**t together, Pacey dumped Joey at the prom in front of everyone.

Poor Pacey thought he wasn’t good enough for her as she’s going off to college and he’ll be stuck in Capeside.

*Cue millions of teenage tears.*

 That time they killed off Jen.

Please make it stop.

In the final episode of the series Jen, who is now a 25-year-old single mum, dies in hospital from heart failure.

But before she dies she records a video message to her daughter Amy, who will grow up without a mum. She then asks her bestie Jack to raise her.

Jen then passes away after Grams whispers to her, “I’ll see you soon, child” and holy hell Kevin Williamson what the heck were you trying to do to us?

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