Footballer David Pocock schooled journalist Miranda Devine in one perfect tweet.

No, Miranda. That’s not jazz-hands.

Last night, star Wallabies rugby player and all round nice guy, David Pocock scored an incredible hat-trick of tries to secure a win for the Brumbies.

But a News Limited columnist didn’t like how he celebrated his try. She didn’t like it at all.

Journalist Miranda Devine, was very certainly quick to poo on Pocock’s post-try party.

Pocock did something with his hands after his try.

What Miranda Devine saw was this:

But what happened was actually very different.

In the midst of his celebrations, Pocock kept a keen eye on his Twitter page. And his response made Miranda Devine look like, well, a bit of tosser herself.

Miranda was contrite when her error was pointed out – and Pocock was equally gracious.

It was a priceless exchange. And to David Pocock, we have one thing to say: