David Koch reveals hate attacks on his family during interview with Pauline Hanson.

Sunrise has had a curious relationship with Pauline Hanson in the last few months.

In the lead up to the election, the program paid her for her commentary on topical issues, leaving many viewers furious that the show was providing the One Nation leader with an unchallenged platform to share her “dangerous thoughts.”

Now, Sunrise has attempted to take Hanson to task over her controversial maiden speech in Parliament on Wednesday night, yet left some disappointed with the outcome.

David Koch’s argument against Hanson’s speech was initially strong as he described her message as being packaged in “a hateful, divisive way.”

He also shared a personal story about his Sri Lankan son-in-law, who he says is routinely called a ‘terrorist’ on the street because of his looks.

“I have a mixed race family,” Koch explained. “I have a Sri Lankan son-in-law who walks down the street and has people say “ah get out of here you terrorist you have got no right to be here.”

“I have grandkids who will grow up like that. It upsets me, because you feed into that.”


Hanson insisted this is not her intention, but Koch argued, “You give ammunition to those people to do that.”

“And these are just wonderful families that have moved here and they look different to you to me but they are Australia.” Watch the interview in full below.

For a moment, it looked as though Sunrise was standing firm on their attitude towards Hanson’s widely criticised speech. Until Koch and his co-host, Natalie Barr said they “agreed” with many of Hanson’s ideas.

“I agree with a lot of what you are saying,” said Koch.

“I would drive migrants back to the airport with you if they did not respect this country and our culture. It is a privilege to come here.”

Barr reiterated, “A lot of people agree with you,” before imploring Koch and Hanson to find a way of “meeting in the middle.”