David Koch shares which celebrities have been a total "nightmare" to interview.

Since 2002, David “Kochie” Koch has been the co-host of Channel 7’s Sunrise and done a plethora of interviews with big celebrities. Now, Kochie is revealing which stars have been difficult to interview.

In an exclusive interview with news.com.au, Kochie said that in 2004, Seinfeld‘s Michael Richards “was just a nightmare to interview”.

“So you’d feed him a line to be funny and he’d answer in this mad ‘Michael Richards’ way, so you’d go, ‘OK, he’s Michael, we’ll talk about him and be a bit more serious’ … Then he’d answer like Kramer. It was weird. I think he was the hardest interview ever,” the morning show host said.

But in the 16 years that Kochie has co-hosted Sunrise, there have been a few more interviews that Kochie has found challenging.

Koch explained that Harrison Ford was also a challenge because “he obviously didn’t want to be there” when he came on the show to promote Firewall in 2006.

The co-host explained that he actually had to cut the interview short because it was going so badly.

“Halfway through the interview, I said ‘Look, you obviously don’t want to be here, I don’t want to waste our viewers’ time – so see you, thanks very much.’

“I just thought, ‘stuff it.’ They get paid lots of money, and this is part of it – to promote the film.  Don’t waste mine or our viewers’ time.”

Mia Freedman interviews Samantha Armytage on No Filter. Post continues after audio. 

And as for the awkward interview that happened just last month with David Duchonvy, who was promoting his band’s tour, Kochie explains it was all a misunderstanding.

The interview made headlines due to an awkward moment when Kochie’s co-host Sam Armytage asked how much longer Duchovny wanted to continue doing The X Files for, and he replied with  “I don’t know” multiple times.

“So you’d just keep going?” Armytage asked.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing – ‘You just keep going?'”

“No, I don’t mean it like it’s … No, I think it’s great!” Armytage said, before adding: “No, but 25 years.”

“You’re making it worse and worse” Duchonvy replied.

Nevertheless Kochie explained that despite the on-air tension, Duchovny was very nice to both hosts during the commercial breaks. He shared that you always get a better indication of what a celebrity is like when they’re not on-air.

“We’ve had people on who won’t talk to you, or want to swap sides of the couch because they want the camera to more on their good side…And then as soon as you’re on air, they’re a totally different person” Kochie told news.com.au.

“They really are acting for the cameras, and then they retreat to their normal personalities during the ads.”