David Hughes' latte has everyone talking.

It brings a whole new meaning to asking the barista for extra froth.

It looks like comedy follows David Hughes, 44, where ever he goes. Because today, it turned up in his coffee.

And we’re a little embarrassed to admit this, but we spent way too much time arguing what the froth in Hughesy’s latte took the form of.

“It’s a ram.”

” It’s a tree.”

“It’s a nose.”

“It’s a jellyfish.”

Except David’s wife Holly Hughes saw something very different in her husband’s morning cup of sunshine:

A penis. (Minus the morning glory).

What to you see in Hughesy's latte?

David captioned the shot with, "Wife can see a penis in my latte. #issues"

His followers quickly commented to point out how inadequate the presumed penis was in size, labelling it as "stumpy" and having gone for "a cold swim".

Let's get our minds out of the gutter for a minute, folks.

But for reals, it does look like a trouser snake.

We hope the kids weren't around for that conversation!

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