David Campbell’s adorable twins are growing up - fast.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or cleaning up dirty nappies with a side of smushed banana pressed into the kitchen table…

That’s probably exactly how Mornings show host, David Campbell and his wife Lisa Hewitt feel after almost nine months with their twins, Billy and Betty.

Can we just pause to appreciate the sweetness of their names?

OK, and we’re back.

The last time we saw the pair, they were about this small.

Billy and Betty resting on their dad, David Campbell. Image: Instagram.

But just yesterday, David uploaded a picture to Facebook that blew us away.

Because look how big the twins have gotten already...

Too cute. Image via Facebook.

It really goes to show that if you blink you'll miss them getting older.

David and Lisa have an older son, Leo, who is four, and who really enjoys taking care of the littlies. And probably teasing them, too.

TAP on the image below and scroll through the gallery below to see the whole family in all their cute and cuddly glory...