Congratulations to David Campbell and his wife Lisa.

Congratulations to David Campbell and his wife Lisa.

The pair have just welcomed two gorgeous babies into the world.

The Mornings show host shared his delightful news on social media, posting a photo of the rather adorable twins on Instagram and Twitter.

The twins — one girl and one boy — are siblings to David and Lisa’s son Leo, four.

“Hey guys. Here is William David Campbell and Elizabeth Ann Campbell,” David wrote in the caption accompanying  this morning’s post. “We call them Billy and Betty.

“Mum is wonderful. Leo is so excited and I am doubly in love.”

In July, David used the classic Arnie Schwarzenegger/ Danny Devito movie poster to announce that he and Lisa would be having twins.

(That little guy on the right is Leo, by the way).

David broke the news live on air with his co-host Sonia Kruger, telling her that twins run in his wife’s family — and he’s “along for the ride”.

She was about this excited:

Congratulations, David and Lisa.

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