The brilliant way David Campbell explained his tattoo regret to his son.

“Dad was an idiot.”

Those are the words Today Extra co-host David Campbell wants his kids to remember every time they look at his tattoo.

Writing for Stellar Magazine, Campbell has opened up about why he regrets getting a “quasi Celtic armband” tattoo in the 1990s.

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(And if you’re thinking, ‘I never knew he had a tattoo!’ you’re not alone: it appears Campbell has kept the ink hidden with strategically placed arms and long sleeves in many of his snaps. In fact, we were hard pressed to find an image of it anywhere.)

“I was feeling very lost at the time. I was living in NYC, my career was in its infancy and I had no idea what I was doing or who I was,” he said of the tattoo.

“I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Lacking in confidence and control. So this felt liberating.”

Campbell revealed he never truly regretted the tattoo – “it being a symbol of where I was in my life at that time”- until his oldest son, six-year-old Leo, asked what it was.

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The entertainer revealed the question formed part of his ‘final break-up’ with the ink.

“The boy I adore. The one who looks to me for guidance in his life. The young boy who I will help shape to be a man. A man who will make his choices and one day be old enough to get his own tattoo,” he wrote.

“So I said: ‘It is something stupid Dad did one time. Long before you were born.’

“I am now the parent who, under no circumstances, wants my kids to think my tattoo is cool. Hell, I don’t even like the fake ones kids get in party bags.”

Now, instead of getting the tattoo removed, David says he is keeping it as a reminder and a lesson for his children.

“Dad was an idiot. He did not have a clear idea of who he was so he went exploring. Now it’s there forever,” he said.

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