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That time David Campbell discovered he had a secret half sister.

His dad is a rock-star and his siblings are many.

David Campbell got the shock of his life when, as a teenager,  he found out that his father was Australian rockstar, Jimmy Barnes.

Since that major revelation, more have followed – including that he went to high school with his own half-sister but was unaware of their relationship to one another.

“I found out I had another sister. It was my dad again,” he said oBrig and Lehmo for Breakfast on GOLD 104.3.

“That rascal!”

David Campbell (left) with wife Lisa, dad Jimmy Barnes and step-mum Jane. Image via Instagram

Brig and Lehmo for Breakfast on GOLD 104.3

Campbell’s half-sister, Amanda, was in his grade at school.

“We didn’t date, I just want to put that out there,” Campbell joked.

He was lighthearted about his complicated family history but recommended therapy to anyone going through family upheavals.

It’s just one of a series of incredible truths the host of Mornings on Nine has become aware of since his father re-entered his life, including a second half-sister who came forward a few years ago.

Campbell says that Barnes used to come visit him as a child, but he didn’t know who he was.

Campbell with new babies Billy and Betty. Image via Instagram

He was raised by a woman in Adelaide who told him he was adopted. When he was aged about 10 or 11 years old, the truth came out. That woman was his grandmother, and the girl he thought was his sister was, in fact, his mother.

She gave birth to him at the age of “16 or 17” he said.

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Campbell said that following the revelations about his family, his “larger personality” emerged.

He’s now a successful TV personality, singer and stage performer with three children of his own, son Leo, 4, and twins William and Elizabeth (known, adorably, as Billy and Betty,) 3 months.