"Egg each other on." The trick that helped David Campbell stick to his fitness routine.

David Campbell shares a post-run selfie (Source: Instagram, @davidcampbell73)

David Campbell has transformed himself from a fast food-loving “Whopper man” to a “bogan who eats kale” — his words, not ours — and apparently, he has the motivating powers of his wife, Lisa, and his three children to thank.

As he explained to The Daily Telegraph, the Channel 9 presenter and singer decided to improve his health and fitness so that he could enjoy a long, energetic life with his gorgeous family.

As the father of a busy brood, Campbell’s ultimate motivation was knowing that he has three young children — five year old son Leo, and one year old twins Billy and Betty — who see him as a role model and rely on him in every way. The Mornings host told The Daily Telegraph that one of his goals was to have “the energy to have fun with them and have a long life with them”.

But it’s not just his kids who form Team Campbell. Exercising with his wife, Lisa, is a way for Campbell to maintain his new health and fitness routine — and he couldn’t recommend this approach more.

“Egg each other on,” the 42-year-old suggests.

“I find teaming up with your partner makes you more accountable not only to yourself but one another and allows you also to spend more time together.”

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While his relationship with his wife and children were the main factors in Campbell’s health turnaround, he’s also found giving up alcohol had a positive impact.

“A big turning point for me was giving up the booze, which I believe was the main reason I stacked on the weight,” Campbell explained to The Daily Telegraph. 

Along with the drinking, Campbell says he was also eating plenty of fast food hamburgers to ease his hangovers — and has since become “really serious” about eating healthily.

David Campbell with his wife, children and father Jimmy Barnes. (Source: Instagram, @davidcampbell73)

"In fact, I’m now a bogan who eats kale ... Even saying, ‘kale’ I think, ‘he sounds like such a wanker’, but it is amazing," he jokes.

Since giving up alcohol, improving his diet and increasing his exercise — he's been documenting his running and yoga prowess on Instagram — Campbell says he's lost more than 28kg.

For Campbell, it all comes down to joining forces with friends and family — which is advice that we can all follow. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I really believe there is no right plan, it’s just about finding something you enjoy doing,” he suggests.

And if that involves spending more time with our loved ones, then we can't wait to follow his lead.

What are your motivations for living a healthier lifestyle?