Do we have a right to shame celebrity parents?

You may have missed it.

But, you most likely didn’t.


A paparazzi nabbed a photo of David Beckham and four-year-old Harper Beckham. Harper had a dummy in her mouth. A parenting expert went on record for the Daily Mail to say that the Beckhams were awful parents for letting Harper have a dummy at four. The horror.

It was also the same parenting expert that last year said the Beckhams needed to drop the dummy when Harper was three. The horror plus a year.

You can read more about it here.

David came out and told everyone to sod off. That no one had a right to criticise his parenting choices without knowing all the facts.


You can read more about it here.

While we virtually high-fived David, the Beckhams aren’t the only celebrity parents who are criticised by experts and their fans for their parenting choices. Just this year, these are the “mistakes” celebs have made with their kids.

(Note: we don’t really think any of the below are “mistakes” or worth judging. Com’on, aren’t we just all trying our best?)

1. Reese Witherspoon gives her children dodgy breakfasts.

Reese Witherspoon has a picky eater. Reese Witherspoon is a good mum. So Reese Witherspoon creates beautiful meals for her children. Reese Witherspoon gets attacked for giving her kids too much sugar (check it out here).

Image via Instagram.

2. Jessica Alba risks her children's lives. (Oh, the drama.)

Jessica Alba was on holidays with her two girls. They were on the edge of an infinity pool (that had a glorious view) kicking the water with their feet. Doesn't she know they could plunge to their death at any minute? (No, they were fine. But you can read about it here.)

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3. Hilary Duff shouldn't show off her mum bod.

Hilary Duff took to Instagram to show of her mum bod (which is damn fine might we just say). But apparently when you're a mum you shouldn't do this. Bad parenting to show off your body. Hilary Duff hit back saying she was just trying inspire other women to love their bodies too (you can read about that here).

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4. Jackie O took her daughter to the ballet. Tut. Tut.

Radio personality Jackie O snapped a pic of her and Kitty, four years old, going to the ballet on a mummy-daughter outing. Little did she know how inappropriate that was because Kitty would clearly not appreciate the ballet being four. That was loaded with sarcasm if you didn't know. We think Jackie O knows what Kitty likes more than anyone. (Read the full post here.)

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5. Tammin Sursok shouldn't make her Instagram all about her child.

Tammin Sursok is just like every single mother we know. Her Instagram is full of baby spam. But a follower complained and said some terrible stuff about how awful it was seeing Tammin's daughter Phoenix all. the. time. (Read about it here.) Tammin, we love baby spam.

Image via Instagram.

6. Kim Kardashian exploits North West.

Kim Kardashian is another lover of baby spam (welcome to the club Kimmy). She posted the most adorable photo of North West having the best time in the bath. But followers were quick to criticise her for posting a nude photo of North to Instagram. While we are struggling to see where the nudity is. (Read more here).

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7. Tamara Ecclestone shamed for breastfeeding in a public pool.

Oh the triple horror! First, a breastfeeding photo has appeared on Instagram (this was before Facebook and Instagram deemed breastfeeding not rude). Second, the photo was taken in a public place. And thirdly, there's a hint of nipple. Seriously shammers, go home. (Read the full story here.)

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8. Jessica Simpson's daughter is too raunchy. Or something.

Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her three-year-old daughter, Maxwell, in some swimmers. Her hand was on her hip. This can only mean one thing. She was raunchy. At least according to parent judgers. (Read about it here.)

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9. Ryan Reynolds is a bad first-time dad.

Haters couldn't shame new dad Ryan Reynolds fast enough for his slip up at how we carried baby James in a baby carrier. (Read about baby-carrier-gate here.) He later said it was just an innocent mistake. Because none of us have ever made a mistake with our kids.

10. Madonna gets her kids to give her a massage. Is also a racist.

Madonna's kid did something every mum wishes their kids would do for her. Mercy and David gave her a foot rub. She boasted about her wonderful children on Instagram. Followers called her a slave master. Yikes. (Read about it here.)

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11. Michelle Bridges is a bad mum-to-be.

Celebrity parenting shaming isn't singled out to just parents with kids. Parents-to-be get to be shamed too. Michelle Bridges recently shared a holiday photo jumping off a pier. With her pregnant belly. Which only means one thing. She is happy to put her pregnancy at risk. Puh-lease. (Read about it here.)

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How about we just leave parents, celeb and non-celeb, alone?

What have you been parent shamed for?