Victoria Beckham was meant to be in Australia for the Invictus Games. Here's why she's not.

Earlier this year, there were a few rumours going around about David and Victoria Beckham.

The former Spice Girl and fashion icon Victoria Beckham, and her husband, British football legend David Beckham, had reportedly ended their relationship.

We were sure of it. Then Victoria Beckham publicly denied the claims.

Now, rumours have re-emerged after David and Victoria Beckham were meant to be attending the Invictus Games, arriving in Australia by today. An Invictus Games spokesperson confirmed to news.com.au the couple won’t be attending until later in the week.

So what’s the big deal?

Victoria Beckham has posted an Instagram from a wellness centre in Germany, which specialises in “medical, emotional, detox, fitness and beauty.”

“Amazing experience at @villastephaniebadenbaden spa in Baden-Baden x #Wellness,” she wrote.


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Amazing experience at @villastephaniebadenbaden spa in Baden-Baden x #Wellness

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David Beckham yesterday posted an Instagram from Paris at a club opening, meaning the pair aren’t together, despite the changed plans to attend the Invictus Games in Australia.



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Great @haigclub launch in Paris last night. Amazing to celebrate with everyone there! ???? #HaigClubMan

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But it gets even more… suss.

Speaking to Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project tomorrow night, David Beckham opens up about his marriage.

“When you’ve been married for the amount of time we have, it’s always hard work,” David Beckham said in the exclusive interview.

“It becomes a little bit more complicated,” he added.


Here were the rumours from earlier in the year:

  1. Harper (the couples 6-year-old daughter’s) teacher had been fired for being pregnant with David’s baby.
  2. Alternatively, the couple was getting a divorce, and the school teacher had already HAD the baby, and Victoria would be discussing the split in the August edition of Vogue.
  3. We believed Victoria Beckham was about to drop that info. Imminently. And it never happened.

Jonny Gould, a British radio and TV presenter who broadcasts on Sky News, tweeted that David and Victoria Beckham would be trending later, they never did. But the presenter has almost 17,000 followers, and started an extensive conversation on Twitter.


That’s right. A media/ celebrity insider placed his damn bets.

Another Twitter user Vuong Nguyen tweeted, ‘Good afternoon @SkyBet can I have odds on David Beckham having an affair and getting a school teacher pregnant please?’


Unfortunately for this man, Sportsbet apparently suspended any official bets on the matter, but considering the fact this his tweet had been liked 1000 times, one has to assume that we weren’t the only ones preparing for a split.

Then, the people of Twitter began investigating.

One Twitter user, @Golden__Golden tweeted, ‘The teacher has now deleted her instagram and her Facebook, apparently.’

Some users then shared stories of personal encounters with David Beckham.

“I remember when I served David Beckham in my local bakery & he told me my hair net was cute, it could’ve been me but morals and that,” wrote @Ghana’sfinestx. 

Others said what we were all thinking.

“Why do I keep hearing David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are getting a divorce because he’s having a baby with their daughters [sic] teacher what is happening I’m lost help,” wrote @yahelwe_.

Celebrities and Twitter users aside, there is one piece of seriously suggestive insight that may just be the missing piece of the gossip puzzle.

Blind Gossip, a Gossip Girl-esque website run by celebrity insiders, posted a cryptic message about a rogue celebrity dad back in 2016.

The post, titled ‘Shagger dad too hot for teacher’, said that a British family had sent all their kids to a private school except their youngest.

“Which celebrity couple have packed all their kids off to very expensive, prestigious schools in London – except their youngest? She was at a fancy girls’ school, but they pulled her out after a term because her shagger dad had been having it away with one of the teachers. Which would have made parents’ evening pretty awkward,” the post read.

The commenters immediately assumed it was the Beckham’s.

Now it would be naive to read all of this info, without consulting the social media channels of the Beckham’s themselves.

According to The Independent, the couple denied rumours.

“This is all very bizarre and an embarrassing waste of time,” they said.

The real question here is, who are these representatives?

Only time will tell.