All the times David Beckham made us want another baby and another husband.

Harper is clearly daddy’s little girl.

David Beckham has to be one of the most attractive dads on the planet – I don’t think anyone would argue with that. But what makes him even more ovary-exploding is the fact that he is the most gorgeous dad to his daughter, Harper.

We don’t know how much more we can take of Beckham posting the most adorable photos of him being the greatest dad ever.

His most recent photo that had us all huddled around a computer swooning at the 40-year-old soccer star, was when he posted a snap of his daughter nailing her first bike riding attempt.

She's nailing it. Image via @davidbeckham Instagram.

Beckham captioned the image, "Look at my big girl. Day one - No Stabilizers."

The caption has bike emojis and love hearts showing how proud the beaming dad is. This isn't the first time Beckham has won at his dad duties. In April this year, he took three-year-old Harper to a Burberry fashion show and kept his arms around her the entire time.

Cute daddy daughter moment. Image via Getty.

And his sharing a fashion show experience with his princess is only the beginning.


This year Beckham has also shared that he allowed his daughter to do his hair (to see this story click here).

"Someone is trying to make daddy feel pretty today after a heavy night." Image via @davidbeckham

He allowed her to put sparkly earrings on him and he has been reading princess books to her before bedtime to ensure she gets a good sleep.

"Harpers not the only princess in the house." Image via @davidbeckham
"Good Night London. Sweet Dreams Harper Seven." Image via @davidbeckham
"Bedtime stories Sweet dreams Harper Seven." Image via @davidbeckham

We are seriously in awe over here.

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