David Beckham's all-out 40th birthday party gave everyone hangovers.

There ain’t no party like a Beckham party in Morocco.

The morning after the night before and some of the Beckham party are looking a little worse for wear.

Attendees of David Beckham’s 40th birthday bash partied hard, if their Instagram posts from the next day are any indication.

It was sunglasses and soft drinks all round for Emma Bunton, Eva Longoria and Gordon Ramsay’s wife Tana.

The morning after the night before: Emma Bunton, Eva Longoria and Tana Ramsay. Image via Instagram.

While David Beckham tried to sleep it off on a sun-lounge the next day, his three-year-old daughter Harper thoughtfully did his hair for him.

Just what daddy needed! Image via Instagram

Victoria, meanwhile, strolled poolside in a kaftan, apparently not feeling any pain.

Kaftan and mini kaftan, Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper. Image via Instagram.

Mamamia previously said…

David Beckham turned 40 on Saturday but, if we’re honest, we’re more interested in the guests at his big bash.

The retired soccer star’s wife, Victoria Beckham (nee Posh Spice) is quite the fashionista, so you knew the birthday extravaganza was going to be BIG.

But we didn’t know how big it was going to be until we saw former Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Mel C board a plan for Marrakech, Morocco.

4/5 of the Spice Girls with Eva Longoria.

If you want to be Beck’s lover, you’ve got to get with his friends.

Liv Tyler, Dave Gardner, Gordon and Tana Ramsey were also seen boarding planes ahead of their long-haul flight to party-central.

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Celebrities who attended the Moroccan affair have been posting on instagram under the hashtag #DB40, which includes a birthday banner and shiny, perfectly wrapped presents.

We did all the stalking for you. Don’t mention it.

Do you still listen to the Spice Girls?