Dave Hughes is getting a very important snip.

And he’s looking brave.

It looks like Australian funny man, David Hughes is going under the knife to get permanent contraception. The 44-year-old has taken to social media to announce that he is getting the ‘snip’.

He first posted a photo of a present from his wife, Holly Hughes who had bought him some (large) absorbent underwear. The kind we assume he will need to be wearing after his surgery.

He captioned the photo, “Thoughtful wife’s gift to celebrate this mornings#snipsnip.”

The real fit Dave Hughes will need. Image via @dhughesy Instagram.

An hour after the above was posted to Instagram, Hughesy posted another photo in surgery-ready gear with a caption that said, "Hey Ho lets go!" #snipsnip.

Looking ready to go. Image via @dhughesy Instagram.

Many of his followers were cheering for the Australian comedian and media personality, congratulating him on his bravery and on taking responsibility for his family planning.

A lot of luck was thrown his way through comments too.

It definitely looks as though Hughesy is getting a Vasectomy. A Vasectomy is a surgical procedure done on males that ensures permanent contraception. When a man undergoes this procedure his tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis are sealed so they can't fertilise any more.

Good luck to Hughesy, we're sure you'll do just fine.

What do you think about a male's responsibility to get permanent contraception?

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