Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The “gun prank” Dave Hughes pulled on Kate Langbroek that almost went very wrong.

Kate Langbroek is well known for pulling endless pranks on her radio co-host Dave Hughes.

But it turns out the one prank Hughes pulled back did not go down well.

Speaking on last night’s episode of Hughesy, We Have A Problem, the comedian described how he arranged a man wearing a balaclava to jump out and scare Langbroek while holding a toy gun.

“It actually nearly went wrong,” Hughesy admitted.

“The guy who was waiting in the skip [wearing a balaclava], I’m waiting for her [Langbroek] to come out and I hear a scream but it wasn’t her,” he continued.

“He decided to practice on Faye from accounts. Faye from account doesn’t expect someone to be jumping out a skip with a gun.”

“I didn’t expect it either!” Langbroek yelled in response.

Langbroek told Hughesy that the prank made her husband very, very angry.

Six months before Hughesy pulled the prank, Langbroek was actually injured when a man attempted to break-in to her home.

2. The moment Ellen Degeneres surprised Courtney Cox with a Friends reunion.

Nothing in the world quite gets us as excited as Friends-related news.

Especially when the word reunion is involved, because pls, that TV show was a large part of our lives for well, ever and always, and we feel personally connected to both the characters and the actors.


Today, our dear friend Ellen DeGeneres did us all a solid by recreating the entire Central Perk cafe during an interview with Monica. Sorry, we mean Courtney Cox.

But that’s not all.

Phoebe Lisa Kudrow made a surprise appearance and everyone literally lost their shit.

It was quite a moment, a moment you can relive for yourself right here.

Here’s how it went down:

After DeGeneres revealed the red sofa they were sitting was “the actual couch” from the hit sitcom, the theme song (which we now officially have stuck in our heads) began playing, and the audience erupted in applause as Kudrow, 55, appeared.

Then, Cox started to cry and STOP, this is all too much for us.

Here’s the moment immortalised on Instagram:


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Just a couple of Friends hanging out on the sofa. @courteneycoxofficial @lisakudrow

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Now – when is the movie coming out?

3. Ashton Kutcher just tweeted his real phone number and wants you to text him right now.

Holy hell, what a time to be alive.

Ashton Kutcher has gifted the internet with a treat we still can’t quite wrap our heads around:

His phone number.

THE REAL ONE (apparently).

“I miss having a real connection w/ real people. My Community. From now on you can just text me,” he shared with his 18 million Twitter followers. “I won’t be able to respond to everyone but at least we can be real w/ each other & I can share the unedited latest & greatest in my world +1 (319) 519-0576,” he tweeted, adding “Yes this is my#,” shortly after.


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Night out with the wife

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Oh, you better believe the thirst is very real. We predict his phone may even explode with the amount of selfies he’s surely received.

According to E! News, *some* texts are receiving the following automated reply:


“Hey it’s Ashton. This is an autotext to let you know I got your message, everything else will be from me. Make sure you click the link and add yourself to my phone so I can respond to you,” he wrote. “Welcome to my Community!”

The texts continued, “This is what the lawyers are making me text you. There will be no more of that!! ”

But according to very reliable sources right here in the Mamamia office, at this point in time, he seems to be playing hard to get with others.

We are waiting with bated breath for his eventual reply.

(Or to face the reality we’ve likely been Punk’d).

4. Kim Kardashian has shared more pics from Chicago’s extravagant first birthday party.

When it comes to children’s parties the Kardashians don’t do anything by halves. It’s just not in their nature.

However, Kim Kardashian has truly outdone herself with the first birthday party for her youngest child, Chicago West.

The theme was Alice in (One)derland and the costumes, decorations, snacks and entertainment looked as if she had plucked right out of the Tim Burton film herself.

Although her actual party was on January 20, so up to now fans have only had access to Kim’s Snapchat footage, but if you ask us, it was well worth the wait.

See all the fantastical photos here:


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My baby Chicago turned 1 this month and we threw her an Alice in “One”derland themed party ????????????

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Luna looking like she stole something. Happy birthday, Chicago!! Thank you for having us!!

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Chicago’s first birthday party!

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The birthday cake for Chicago’s first birthday party is everything!

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Chicago’s first birthday party!

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This may be the coolest first birthday any birthday party we’ve ever seen.

5. The “cuddling” photo that has us asking questions about this year’s MAFS contestants.

It turns out two of the contestants on Married At First Sight already know each other and have “cuddled” in the past.

On Tuesday night’s episode, contestants Jessika Power and Dino Hira married different people. However, after a lil’ scroll through Dino’s Instagram we discovered the pair had actually met before and had a bit of a “cuddle”.

It seems the 26-year-old part-time model and the 35-year-old meditation teacher worked on an advertising campaign together two years ago.

In November 2017, Dino shared a photo of the pair on Instagram, which was taken during a photoshoot for the prescription glasses company, Speqs.

Oh boy, we can’t wait to see how the first group dinner party goes.

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