Comedian Dave Hughes is the second big name this week to leave Nine for a new gig at Ten.

Dave Hughes will soon be the ‘Agony Uncle’ you never asked for but definitely need in your life.

The comedian is leaving behind his duties as on Channel Nine’s The Footy Show to host his very own show on Network Ten called Hughesy…We Have A Problem. 

It’s a panel show in which the panelists will talk through people’s real life problems.

He is the second high-profile Channel Nine personality to leave the network this week, after Lisa Wilkinson’s abrupt exit from TODAY.

“I am out of contract with Channel 9 and this Channel 10 deal is going to mean I can’t be a regular on a rival network during the term of the deal which is up until midyear next year, which means I could not be a regular on The Footy Show,” Hughes told The Daily Telegraph.


The comedian will be paired with some well-known faces on Hughesy…We Have A Problem as they work through the real life problems together.

“It could be anything from ‘My wife wants to catch up with her ex, is that OK?’ to ‘My friend’s kid is too rough with my kid’ or ‘I’m on Tinder and I’m not getting swiped’,” he said.

“It could be anything. It’s very new, I’m excited about it.”

Although these kind of panelist/comedy shows have had mixed reviews in the past, Hughesy says he’s excited about this new project.

“This one has an honest edge to it that differentiates it. I like real stories, which is not a plug for Hamish and Andy’s show, but I like the truth, which is what you’ll get from everyone on this show.”

The show started filming in Sydney this weekend and it will air on Ten sometime in 2018.

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