"His wife had chucked him out 2 days earlier." 15 women share why they walked out of a date.

There’s some pretty appalling stuff that goes on in the world of dating. Either you have horror stories of your own or you’ve heard them from your friends. The person who turns up looking nothing like their photo on Tinder, not even if you mentally take off 10 years and squint really hard. The person who only wants to talk about their ex and how much they really, really hate them. The person who is lining up their next date while sitting opposite you.

But what would it take for you to walk out on a date? Would you stand up and leave as soon as you realised the other person had different political views, or would you endure their disgusting personal habits for hours, just to be polite, and then come up with an elaborate excuse to go?  

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Here, 15 women share the reason they walked.

  • Met him online and for our first date I showed up to his place of work (as instructed) where he was just finishing up. He saw me and motioned that he wouldn’t be long. I then saw him do the same to another girl. To pass the time, I wandered over and asked her how she knew him. Turned out she was ALSO on a first date with him! He came over to find two very unamused women and explained that he had accidentally double-booked but went on to suggest some highly inappropriate activities we could take part in now that we were all there! The other girl and I both walked out.
  • The vegan who constantly tried to convert me. I finally got up and left when he asked me how I'd feel if someone wanted to eat my horse.
  • A guy I met on Tinder and was super-keen on turned out to be far right politically. My Tinder profile said, “Deal-breakers: smoking and Trump supporters.” I’m a leftie and couldn’t spend another minute with someone who told me that Abbott was underrated and Trump was doing a good job. I walked out.
  • When I was living on the Gold Coast, a guy I'd met in a nightclub that lived in Sydney returned a week later to take me on a date. Fancy restaurant at the casino (back in the day, Jupiters). He tells me he's married. Ticked one off the bucket list by tipping my cocktail, including umbrella and fruit, on his head and walked out.
  • The guy (a famous football player) started chatting up the barmaid.
  • They squeezed me into their schedule between a funeral and a wake. Abysmal and disrespectful on so many layers. They were very matter-of-fact about it. So I walked.
  • I left during a first date. During dinner we were talking about ourselves and who we were and our histories, etc. I told him about my dislike of gambling, particularly the pokies, as my children’s dad used to play them and we were often broke because of it. Afterwards he asked me to come with him to the bar where he then sat in front of the pokies. I said to him all the best with his future.
  • “Nice boobs. Bet they'd look great naked!" within the first half-hour of meeting him. Puzzled when I said I had to be somewhere.
  • He got into a fight at the museum with someone who apparently cut the queue. I literally bolted. He then proceeded to leave me 30-plus voice messages starting with “Sorry” and ending with, “You’ll never find anyone as good as me.”
  • I was on a date with this guy and it was going okay, and then the topic of phobias came up. I confessed mine, which is pretty unusual and stupid I know, but it is intense to the point that I can’t even deal with hearing the word (I usually describe what it is without using the word – it’s a particular animal). Anyway, he said the word, and I laughed it off awkwardly, hoping the conversation would move on. He said it again and I light-heartedly repeated that I didn’t like the word and would appreciate if he didn’t say it. He then kept saying it, to the point where I got serious and said that it made me uncomfortable, and that if he said it again I would leave. He said it again so I stuck with my word and left!
  • Met online and was already close to walking out when I discovered the "band" he spoke about on his profile was actually the church band (nothing against religion, it's just not for me) and then when he went off on the waitress for something minor I told him I had to go put more money in the parking meter and never came back. No regrets.
  • Guy who had been separated two days because his wife threw him out and he bawled.

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  • I had a dating app first date where he began a racist rant and said that all the asylum seeker boats should be sunk. I stopped him in his tracks and walked out.
  • Met a guy on Tinder. Was meant to meet at his place and then go to the beach/lunch. He dawdled out in just his underwear. Looked NOTHING like his pictures. Got inside. He just had a mattress on the floor and the place was FILTHY. I had to basically beg him to leave the house. We did, eventually. Went to breakfast and I couldn’t stand the way he ate and he burped all over me after telling me he had just gotten clean from IV drugs (which is great for him but I was not in the position where I could handle that) and told me about his hook-ups in bikie gangs. I couldn’t handle any more so I pretended I got a call from a specialist I was on a waiting list for so I had to leave right away. Basically ran to my car and went home.
  • He wasn’t in his union and I wasn’t having that.

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