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Your spelling and grammar may be the reason you're single.

According to a new study from online dating website Zoosk, your love of abbreviations and Internet slang may be what’s keeping you single.

The study surveyed over 9,000 singles and looked at how a person’s grammar and spelling influences our initial attractions, as well as the assumptions we make based on these interactions.

The study considered data variables across gender and age groups.

According to its findings, 48% of participants consider poor grammar a deal breaker, whereas 40% said that it is not an indicator of personality, but rather, “They just made some mistakes”.

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Interestingly, 24% of participants associate bad grammar with poor education and lack of intelligence, and a further 27% consider it a trait of the lazy. Because really, if you can’t be bothered putting a full stop on the end of your sentence, what on earth will you be like with a toilet seat?

When divided by gender, the survey found that 60% of men claim that they wouldn’t let grammar get in the way of an in real life swipe right.

65% of women, however, said that if you don’t know your semicolons from your commas, you could forget about it.

Spelling mistakes were also found to be a turn off, with 72% of participants claiming that nothing says, “don’t call me” quite like blatant spelling errors. So if don’t know your you’re from your your, it’s probably time to be shown the door.

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When it comes to URL speak, the results were varied.

Using YOLO in your first message with a love interest is likely to lead to a decreased response rate of 47%. So while it’s true that you only live once, it’s not necessary to point it out every time you send a message, take a shot of tequila, or make a questionable life decision.

Thankfully, LOL fared better, with an increased message response rate of 25%. So the good news is you can continue to laugh out loud alone, and may just score yourself a date out of it.

The takeaway from all of this?

  • Use proper grammar and spelling throughout.
  • Don’t forget a full stop at the end of your message, and where possible, upgrade it to an exclamation point.
  • LOL = good, YOLO = no. Just, no.
  • Nudes? = Still a big, huge no. Save that for the second message.

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