Why divorced men make the best husbands.

 I’m so happy I married a divorced man. And here’s why.

I never thought I’d end up married to a divorced father-of-two. I was 23 when we met and desperately in love with a boy of similar age, unmarried, cute, perfect.

He didn’t feel the same way about me.

My husband and I now joke that this is how he managed to get a date with me, due to severe heartbreak, because I would never have considered dating a divorced man if I was in the right frame of mind. I thought it would be way too complicated. I thought my family would freak out.

Well, my family did freak out, but the rest of it has been pretty awesome actually.

Here are 7 reasons why divorced men make the best husbands. No, really.

Have you or your partner been married before? Is there anything we should add to this list?