Melissa Postello's dating disaster left her with third-degree burns on her groin.

Warning: Post contains graphic images.

When Melissa Postello agreed to go on a second date, she didn’t expect to wind up in hospital suffering from third-degree groin burns.

The 23-year-old, from Sheffield in the U.K., had a cup of scalding hot tea fall into her lap on October 14th after going through the Costa drive through with her male friend.

The resulting injuries were horrific.

The retail worker says the accident occurred when the car took a sharp turn, tipping the tea onto her jeans.

“I was with my date and we went to the Costa drive through at about 6:30 pm,” Melissa said.

“When we took a sharp corner, I lost my grip and the scalding hot tea splashed on me. I remember saying “pull over” and feeling like my legs were on fire.”

Within 10 minutes, the millennial’s skin began to blister, and she left her date to go home and immerse herself in a cold bath. When the pain didn’t subside, she was taken to a local hospital and treated for third-degree burns, which affected the full thickness of her skin.

Three days later, Melissa reached out to Costa via Facebook, commenting the temperature of her tea was clearly “too hot” if it could leave someone with such significant wounds.

Melissa believes the tea was "too hot". (Image: Facebook/Melissa Postello)

A spokesperson responded and said the coffee giant is currently investigating the branch.

"We were concerned to hear about this incident," the company spokesperson said.

"At Costa we take the health and wellbeing of our customers very seriously, and as such we are looking into this as a matter of priority."

Meanwhile, Melissa "just want[s] to warn people that this can even happen", adding: "I never expected anything like this to happen. At home, I’ve spilt a little bit of boiling water on myself, and it's hurt but it hasn’t been anything like this."

To make matters even worse, there will never be a third date between Melissa and the mystery man, who dismissed her burns as "fine" and insisted she was overreacting.

We hope you get better soon, Melissa!

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