"Twins tell each other... everything." 7 things people who date a twin know to be true.

There’s simply nothing like the bond between twins. As a twin myself, I can attest to this.

No matter how much we disagree or annoy each other (which can be a lot) there’s no one else in the world that knows me better than my twin. After all, when you share a womb with someone for nine months, or as my sister likes to put it “were womb mates”,  you develop a very unique kind of relationship.

But that means when it comes to dating a twin, it can be a very unusual experience.

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While we can be protective of each other, there are also some perks that come with dating a twin, like becoming friends with the other twin. Which is basically like a two-for-one bonus.

Here are seven things people who are dating a twin know to be true.

1. You get asked the same questions over and over again.

When you’re dating a twin, you’ll probably get used to being asked the same types of questions about what it’s like to be with a twin, especially if they’re identical.

“You will always get asked, no matter how long you’ve been together, if you fancy the other twin,” says Caitlin.

“I’m amazed by how often I get asked if I get them confused, but I don’t think I ever have. They are two very different people,” says Kateri.

2.  Twins share a very different kind of bond.

There’s simply no else in the world who knows us better than our twin does. So no matter how long we’ve been dating, our twin will often be the first person we turn to for advice. 

For some reason, they often know exactly what we need to hear, even if it’s not necessarily what we want to hear. 

“I’ve never realised how close twins are until I started dating one,” says Patrick.

“No matter what each twin says, they will always want the support, advice and validation of the other twin – sometimes more than they want your own, which can be hurtful sometimes but is the reality of their close and unique relationship,” says Caitlin.

3. Twins aren’t great at keeping secrets from each other.

Whether you like it or not, twins tell each other everything… and I mean everything. As individuals, we might be good at keeping secrets but when it comes to withholding information from our twin, we’re not so great at it.

In fact, if you ever tell me a secret, you can believe me when I say I won’t tell a single soul* (*except my twin). My twin is always the exception. My twin definitely knows about the last stupid thing we fought about and the latest friendship drama you told me I had to keep a secret.


“I know whatever I tell my girlfriend will end getting back to her twin,” says Harry.

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4.  Twins are really competitive.

Whether it be a board game, school grades or just any life achievement, twins can be very competitive with each other. To this day, I’m still bitter about the time my twin sister beat me at becoming school leader in primary school… 12 years ago.

So if you’re dating a twin, be prepared to be caught in the competitive crossfires from time to time. And maybe don’t play a game of Monopoly with us.

5. Twins are very protective.

After you share a womb with someone, you become very protective of them. So when it comes to dating, twins will do everything in their power to make sure nobody hurts the other one.

Hence, most twins won’t date someone their twin doesn’t exactly approve of. So if you’re dating a twin for a couple of months, there’s a good chance the other one likes you.

“The only thing that really stood out was that he said that he would never be able to have a relationship with anyone his brother didn’t get along with,” says Belinda, who is dating a twin.

“I felt like I had to try extra hard to impress the other twin when we first started dating,” says Harry.

6. Family relationships can be a bit tricky at times.

As I mentioned before, twins have a close bond which means it can be a bit tricky when you don’t exactly get along with your partner’s twin.

“Well personally, I struggle to get along with my partner’s twin and that concerns me because I know it’s important to him, even though they’re twins they’re very different people.”

7. Being friends with your partner’s twin is the best.

If you’re dating a twin, there’s a good chance you will have something in common with their sibling.

And if that twin is also dating someone, then the four of you will surely form a tight little friendship group, which is great if you need advice or just want to complain about the other twin. 

“Often you have a lot more in common with the other twin than you may anticipate and you can gain a really brilliant friendship. You can get a partner and brother/sister, two for the price of one,” says Caitlin.

“It’s easier to get along with my girlfriend’s family cause there’s already someone you can relate to,” says Mike.

“It’’s fun having a little group with the four of us, my boyfriend and my twin’s boyfriend are good mates and so it’s easy to hang out,” says Ellie.

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