8 unique date night ideas you haven't tried until now.

Yet another Friday night rolls around, bringing with it the same old prospects for date night.

Book a baby sitter, reserve a table at the same old restaurant, check what’s on at the movies. Sometimes it’s just easier (and cheaper) to stay home, isn’t it? And download a movie and break up a block of chocolate…

But much to the surprise of many of us sceptics, “date nights” seem to have transitioned from something we scoffed at in American movies into a vital part of keeping a relationship alive.

“Reports found that date nights were most successful when they focused on fun and engaging activities.”

The National Marriage Project, a study by the University of Virginia which was released earlier this year, found that date nights were “particularly valuable” and saw couples “deepen their understanding of each other and their relationship” through meaningful time together.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Melbourne Stars. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

The reports also found that date nights were most successful when they focused on fun and engaging activities.

Once upon a time, we might have smirked at Facebook date night status updates – but now they are becoming more and more mainstream.

The key is to keep it fun – because getting off the couch and away from that regular order at that regular restaurant is essential to make a night out worth the effort.

We’ve compiled a list of eight unique date nights to get you started.

1. Backyard camping.

Date night camping for two, yes please.

No need for a babysitter here – you just might need two tents to keep the kids away. Pitch a tent in the backyard, pack up a picnic, grab piles of cushions some mossie spray and you are all set.

2. Kite flying.

This is not just for the kids. The next blustery summer day, grab a couple of kites and head to the most romantic beach or oval you can find and sail for the skies. You will be surprised what can happen when those lines get tangled…

3. Karaoke.

You might think karaoke is just for the office Christmas party, but think again. There is nothing better than to get rid of those inhibitions, break down any barriers that might have built up through the grind of everyday life and to make a good-old fashioned fool of yourself. It’s a great way to remind yourself just how goofy you can be. Be sure you throw in a Spice Girl hit to make an impression.


4. Cricket (but not as you know it).

Cricket (but not as you know it).

A balmy summer evening, the crack of a cricket bat, fireworks (literally, not just that romance heating up) lighting up the sky, a cool drink and some great entertainment. That’s what T20 cricket is about – and I’ve been told nobody does it better than the Melbourne Stars.
Have you ever thought of heading to the cricket for date night? You’ll be surprised at just how fun it can be. Not to mention the brownie points earned by taking your man to the MCG for date night…
And if your date is less romantic and more the family type then be sure to take your kids – no seven-year old boy can go past the thrill of that leather ball cracking the bat.

5. The public pool.

Now the weather has heated up, many community pools stay open later. It’s a perfect spot for a sunset swim. If you are super lucky you can give your inner child a thrill and find one with a slide.

6. Twilight fishing.

You know you won’t actually catch anything, don’t you? But the man in your life will be amazed at the effort you put in. Even a couple of hand reels can be a whole heap of fun for hardly any outlay. Bait, beers and a bucket. Summer time dating at its best.

7. Outdoor concert or a movie.

Music and the stars. How’s that for romance?

There are plenty of outdoor film festivals on this summer and many concerts to check out. Don’t forget the rug.

8. Park picnic.

Parks are not just for kids. They are the perfect place for a picnic for two on a balmy evening. For an easy option, grab some takeway and pull up a park bench.

What’s your favourite date night activity?

Our favourite celebrity couples always know how to look good on date night. Wouldn’t you agree?

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