The one date that's missing from 'The Bachelorette'.

With only two weeks left of The Bachelorette, this season has managed to tick a number of very important boxes.

Gimmicks that are intended to be romantic but are actually just awkward AF? Check.

A date where they both learn to dance and love starts to blossom? Check.

A villain who we are meant to dislike but is actually hilarious? Check.

Osher being the best thing about the entire show? Check.

WE LOVE YOU. Image via Channel 10. 

But, like me, you might be overwhelmed by the sense that something is missing. No matter how hard you think about it, you can't quite put your finger on...

 BAM. Stop what you're doing.

Because I've CRACKED IT.

Georgia Love's 2016 Bachelorette season is missing a goddamn baby challenge.

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Every season of The Bachelor involves a test which requires the female contestants to demonstrate their ability to adequately 'woman'.

There are cooking challenges. There are photo shoots. There are dates where they see who can iron his shirts the quickest (I...a little bit made that one up). But most importantly - there is always a challenge which requires them to care for a baby/babies for a day and thus exhibit whether or not they'd make a good mother.


And as everyone knows, you cannot be a complete, lovable female human if you can't look after a plastic machine doll that fake cries every 15 minutes. That is just a scientific fact.

"Look at me I love plastic babies". Image via Channel 10.

So, the same must be true of men. You cannot be a real eligible bachelor, unless you have the potential to one day, look after the children.

Which begs the question:

HOW is Georgia Love meant to make a decision about who to spend the rest of her life with when she hasn't tested their 'dad skills'? What if one day they choose to have a baby, and her partner is just a bumbling fool?

What if he's like a dad in a TV commercial? Completely incompetent? Image via Fortune.

Without a comprehensive test, Love could end up with a guy who holds a baby upside down while putting a nappy on their left foot. HOW WILL SHE KNOW?

Love is a career woman. It's possible that if she decides to have children one day, her partner will stay home with the kids. We can't be taking any risks here.

She cares more about golf than babies! Absurd. Image via Channel 10.

Hopefully this situation will be promptly rectified.

If Channel 10 producers know anything,  it's that there is no better way to test a future parent, than to leave them with a creepy looking mechanical baby for a day.

Ultimately, it will separate the men from the boys.

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