Five hairstyles to wear on date night.

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Navigating the dating game can be difficult. From learning the art of trying to meet people in bars, to moral dilemmas about whether you have the emotional capacity to deal with Tinder, to deciding yes, I really really could have a good shot on a dating show – you’ve finally done it: you’ve landed a date.

Now here comes the million dollar question: it’s not ‘What do I wear?’ it’s ‘How do I do my hair?’

Beyond the normal dinner and drinks routine, figuring out your hair plan can get tricky. Here’s what hairstyles you could wear on different types of dates – inspired, of course, by our favourite eligible bachelor and his hoard of fair-haired women.


Apparently Australian Bachelors don’t mind heading to the beach for a quick dip. While they might not have hair to content with, sea salt, wind and rogue sunscreen can be annoying to contend with.

To make diving under the waves easy, twist braids into your hair. Take some hair inspo from the likes of the Kardashians and prep your hair with styling mousse and plait three to four braids down the side of your head. Once you’ve spent the day swimming, let your hair dry naturally take out the braids and voila – wavy beach hair you’ll want to spend more time looking at than him.

#mondays. At least the hair is on fleek. ???? @nadiaperixo

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Taking off in a private jet.

For those of us who take find ourselves being taken on an aircraft, keep your hair looking fab by keeping things practical and low maintenance.

My tip is that a half-up, half-down style is the way to go. Whether you’re the kind to wear a top knot or an Ariana Grande-style pony, keep it fresh using Schwarzkopf Extra Care’s volume powder. This will help you build volume on your crown and give a good base to the up-do component. 

Quad biking.

Should you find yourself as an intruder on a dating show, what better way to make your grand entrance than on a quad bike? Keep your hair under control in a low, sleek ponytail for a cool-yet practical look that will help you avoid helmet hair (safety first, people.)

Part your hair on the side and smooth into place with some styling mousse, a quick burst of your hair dryer and set with Schwarzkopf Extra Care hairspray. Team with a pair of aviators and army shorts for a Sarah Connor à la Terminator feel.


Going shopping for a kaftan.

While it’s not the most exciting date in TV history, no one can deny that being taken shopping in the perfect date. Conversation not flowing? Go and browse the aisles. Date annoying you? Go and hide in the change rooms. If you find yourself in a store that specialises in ultra-luxe printed kaftans, why not embrace ‘I was born for that boho life’ big, loose curls.

Think lots of texture, lots of volume powder, lots of hairspray, lots of bounce. Warm up your curling iron and go crazy with this one.

Nurturing fake babies.

Hands down the most bizarre date one could find themselves on is one where your parenting skills are put to the test. One, undoubtedly, where you would find yourself asking ‘Is this real life?’ and thinking ‘Go away, peasant,’ when they hand you the mini Chucky doll.

Though most of us won’t have to ensure this kind of medieval torture, if you do find yourself in this situation, throw a pretend baby right back at your date, slick your hair up into a pony tail, and grab some popcorn.

What’s your go-to date hairstyle?