The Block’s Darren and Dea have to rebuild the heritage-listed home they wrongfully demolished.

They may have been able to sweet talk their way around The Block, but real life is a different story.

The Block victors Dea and Darren Jolly have to rebuild a heritage-listed home in the swanky Melbourne suburb of East Kew and may be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for demolishing it.

The Jollys controversially knocked down the old home with only a partial demolition permit, claiming it was “a bloody mess”, unsafe and “extremely dangerous”.

But Fairfax Media reports the local council has demanded they restore the façade and are taking the reality TV stars to court over the planning breach.

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  Darren said the termite-infested home needed to be knocked down for safety reasons. “As the builder for this build I’m obliged to warrant this house for years to come for the lucky people who buy it from us, and after seeing how bad the condition of the house was in I wouldn’t have slept at night knowing what was left there was unsatisfactory and I couldn’t build the house structurally sound,” he said. The couple said they were planning on rebuilding it. A retrospective permit was eventually granted by the council. City of Boroondara director of city planning John Luppino told Fairfax the council required the reconstruction “to be to the same detail as the original, reusing the existing roof tiles, bricks to the porch and chimney, front door and windows”.    


The council are also planning on prosecuting the duo in court for the alleged breach of planning permit.

And they may ask a magistrate to fine the Jollys more than the maximum $180,000 penalty.

Darren told Fairfax the demolition was approved by his surveyor on safety grounds and that he would defend any legal action.

Let’s hope they haven’t spent their prize money of close to $1 million. They might just need it.

Relive their big win here:

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