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Vigilante group films confrontation with online predator.

Vigilante group Dark Justice has shared video footage of the moment an online predator collapsed after being confronted about his planned sexual abuse of a minor.

Having posed as a 14-year-old girl named Amanda, Dark Justice spent days in July 2015 talking with 45-year-old man David Hanson before arranging to meet, the UK’s Newcastle Crown Court has heard.

After learning the girl’s age Hanson asked for her phone number, where the two then communicated by WhatsApp. Over a three day period 750 messages were sent between Hanson and “Amanda”.

Hanson was on his way to meet who he believed to be Amanda and have a sleepover at her house when confronted on July 21, the court heard.

Dark Justice confronting David Hanson. Post continues after video…

Video via Dark Justice

The two had made arrangements to meet at the Centre for Life before going to Amanda’s house, where she had told Hanson her parents were away. They had discussed foreplay and sex through messages before the confrontation.

The video shows the group letting Hanson know that police are on their way and reminding him that grooming and sex with a minor are illegal.

Before fainting, Hanson tells the group that he had come to meet up with the girl but not have sex.

When confronted by Dark Justice, Hanson was carrying just a toothbrush, toothpaste and condoms on him.

Hanson then goes on to tell Dark Justice that he hates “people like that” (referring to pedophiles) and asks if he can join the group to help catch other groomers.

dark justice confronts an online predator

David Hanson being confronted by Dark Justice. Source: Youtube.

During sentencing, Judge Paul Sloan QC told Hanson that despite the recent passing of both his parents and it being "clear you are ashamed", there was no excuse for his behaviour.

"You were immediately informed that Amanda was a 14-year-old. She kept telling you she was only 14. That didn't deter you, you then exchanged mobile numbers and communicated on What's App. When you arrived you were confronted by Dark Justice, it was clear you were shocked when confronted."

Following their confrontation, Hanson can be seen collapsing and telling the vigilantes that he was sorry, realising he had been stupid.

Speaking after an earlier hearing, a Dark Justice member commented on the video footage, saying, "His eyes rolled back and he just went straight to the ground.

David Hanson faints while being confronted by Dark Justice. Post continues after video...

Video via Dark Justice

"We confronted him in the same way we do all our cases, there's no aggression or anything. We just revealed who we were and he passed out. We prepare ourselves for all sorts of outcomes at these meetings but we certainly weren't expecting that."

Hanson plead guilty to one count of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and was sentenced to a three year community order and a 10 year sexual harm prevention order.

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