Have you ever discovered a dark family secret? Some people have.

Have you ever heard the saying, you can’t spell “families” without “LIES”?

Well, a recent Reddit thread proves that saying is true.

Users were asked to share the skeletons that lurked in their families’ closets, and answers ranged from illegitimate children to criminal activity and scandalous affairs.

dark family secret
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Here are some of the best dark family secrets:

  • My uncle was pissed at my dad once, and decided to poke holes in all of his condoms. He was dating my mother at the time, and that is how I came about. I wasn't supposed to know, but my uncle told me once when he was drunk. I am thankful he did it, but that was a pretty douche move. - Hammer989
  • The only reason my family is in California instead of New York is because my dad's father wanted to follow his mistress (which nobody knew about until he died) to California, so he uprooted his entire family and made them move over here. - poopylongjohns
  • I found out over Christmas whilst doing a family history search online that my dad had fathered two children by a different woman about 20 years ago. Side note - He and my mother have been married for over 35 years. - slimrizlatips
  • Found out through an angry vent given by my mother, that most of my cousins aren't legitimate, and most of my aunts had lied to their husbands about the true father of their children. Also found out that there was a very large niche of the family I had never met and that no one really admits to - because they're all inbred. - TacentEvince
  • My cousin is actually most likely my sister. - psychictrouble
  • Thought my parents divorced just as a mutual agreement but my father had an affair. He was a cop and slept with his partner's wife. Up there for biggest piece of shit award. Thought my mom fell and split her eyebrow open but upon finding out about the affair she threw a fit and my father punched her in the face. - SheWasEighteen
  • I think my grandpa confessed to killing his wife's ex husband. - inmyotherpants79
  • My father is the result of a Nazi rape in WW2 Croatia. His stepdad tried to kill him many times as a young child, each time his mother would put my father under her skirts to protect him, and threaten to kill herself. - the_aura_of_justice
  • All this time my family thought that my weird Hungarian last name meant "boat builder." Well, recently we were enlightened to learn that the closest meaning is actually "man who goes around the village at night and picks up the shit buckets from doorsteps." - duprass

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Do you have a family secret?