A recipe for the perfect dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

Decided you were going to eat like an Instagrammer with a #fitspo account today?

Was today going to be the day you quit sugar, carbs, and all the other things that make life worth living?


Sorry in advance (that’s a lie, we’re not sorry) for tempting you with peanut butter cups.

Delicious peanut butter cups.

In the name of ‘treat yo’ self’, peanut butter cups are as delicious and straightforward as they sound. Note: They are not just scoops of peanut butter in cups – we’re a little bit more sophisticated than that (…publicly).

All you need is copha, butternut cookies, peanuts, peanut butter, dark chocolate and sugar. As long as you don’t eat all the cookies and dark chocolate before the baking begins (what, who would do that?) then your sweet treat should be ready in no time.

Bon appetit!