A complete styling guide if you're a dark autumn.

Picture a luscious forest, a garden filled with ripe fig and plum trees or the very last moments of a sunset. This is dark autumn. 

Also referred to as deep autumn, this colour palette sits in between true autumn and dark winter on the seasonal flow chart and is characterised by its rich, deep, earthy and mysterious tones that blend the warm hues of autumn with the intense shades of winter. 

How to tell if you're dark autumn.

Dark autumn is categorised as the following: medium-warm hue, dark value and neutral chroma.

Medium-warm hue: The colours lean towards the warm end of the scale without being extremely warm. This means yellow undertones are predominant with blue tones (the coolest colour) only appearing in warmer shades, like turquoise and greenish blues. 

Dark value: Depth is key with all dark autumn colours. In saying this, there are also lighter and medium colours in the palette, which help create a harmonious contrast. 

Neutral chroma: Colours are neither extremely soft and muted nor extremely bright and vibrant. They fall right in the middle of the scale. 

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What is dark autumn's colour palette?

Deep autumn's best colours include:

  • Neutrals: Cream, camel, mocha and ash

  • Red, orange and pink: Rust, copper, cinnamon, crimson and boysenberry

  • Yellow and green: Honey, mustard, olive and forest green

  • Purple and blue: Mulberry, plum, dark teal and navy

On the flip side, the colours to avoid if you're dark autumn include:

  • Black and white

  • Cool and frosty colours like intense pinks and blueish greys

  • Toned-down pastels like dusty blues, baby pinks and lavender

Building a dark autumn colour palette is an easy process when you focus on this season's best colours. Here's an example of what a dark autumn's colour palette might look like: 

Base colour: Rich chocolate brown

Light neutral: Cream or beige

Dark neutral: Olive or burgundy

Main colour: A warm red or deep green

Accent colours: Golden yellow, deep orange or warm teal

Celebrities with a dark autumn colour palette.

Some notable people with a dark autumn colour palette include Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, Leighton Meester and Jessica Alba. These individuals are often associated with this colour palette because of their warm, rich and intense appearance. Of course, this is only a guide and their colour palettes will change depending on their styling choices. 


Styling tips for dark autumn.

Forego black: It's not that black looks bad on someone who is dark autumn, but rather alternatives to this staple wardrobe colour look better. Experiment with dark-coloured alternatives like dark brown and charcoal. Or, if you really can’t let go of your favourite blacks, try limiting these pieces of clothing to the bottom half and pairing it with a dark autumn-coloured top. 

Go for dark neutrals: Light neutrals like white and grey aren’t the most flattering against a dark autumn’s skin tone. Instead, stick to deep neutrals like off-white, charcoal and dark brown. 

Play with patterns: Stick with prints that have a low level of contrast as high-contrast patterns can overwhelm your features and disrupt your harmony. Favour medium to large-scale prints as smaller prints can appear too busy. And of course, aim for prints that have less than 10 per cent of colours outside of the deep autumn palette. 

Accessories are your friend: From bronze to brass, gold and copper, a large range of metals will flatter a dark neutral. Silver can also be worn if it’s a warmer shade rather than a cool, blue one. Additionally, pieces with less shine - like antiqued and oxidised metals - will add more depth to your appearance. 

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Beauty tips for dark autumn.

Base: For your makeup base, opt for a matte foundation with a sweep of bronzer instead of a creamy and glossy look.

Eyes: Dark brown or black-brown mascara and eyeliner work better than most black mascaras, which may appear too cool and harsh. Eyeshadows in medium and dark brown neutrals will create the perfect base. For a pop of colour, go for olive green, forest green, dark teal and deep purple. 


Blush: Rich shades of coral and peach will enhance your complexion. 

Lipstick: Try red, plum and peach lipstick. Nude shades will clash with the warmth of your other features.

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