Dannii Minogue pays tribute to former X-Factor contestant Nathaniel O'Brien.

The death of X-Factor contestant Nathaniel O’Brien in a car accident on Sunday has deeply affected judge Dannii Minogue.

On the show last night she spoke of the 19-year-old, who had been performing at the Burra Country Music Festival in South Australia hours before his car crashed into a tree.

‘I want to send our love out to Nathaniel O’Brien and his family. Unfortunately, he passed yesterday,” Minogue said at the beginning of Monday’s episode.

He was, she said, “a beautiful person, a beautiful singer and such a beautiful soul.”

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Video via Channel 7

O’Brien made it to the bootcamp stage with 23 other contestants last year on X-Factor.

“There has been an outpouring on social media but I wanted to give our love to friends, family and everyone in South Australia,” Minogue said.

Host Luke Jacobz also paid tribute to O’Brien, saying he had “the voice of an angel”.

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