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The Danish royal family is on a stamp, and we can't look away.

The Danish royal family has appeared together on a postage stamp, and we can’t stop staring.

We don’t even really know why.

Perhaps it’s the fact that 11-year-old Prince Christian somehow appears a foot taller than his own dad. Perhaps it’s Prince Vincent’s furry, white shorts. Perhaps it’s Isabella’s fierce a.f. pose.

Who knows? But we’re strangely transfixed.

The philatelic portrait is in celebration of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik’s copper (12.5-year) wedding anniversary, and has been released by Greenland Post.

Which explains the outfits.

The stamp. Which no one will actually put on an envelope, because that's not a thing anymore. Image: Facebook.

The family of six are sporting the national dress of the autonomous Danish territory, which includes a much more stylish version of Australia's own official footwear - the Ugg Boot.

In Greenland they're called Mukluk or Kamik, and are designed for special ceremonial occasions, as opposed to a late-night trip to Woolies.

We particularly enjoy Prince Frederick's spiffy black pair, which he's teamed with a smart set of slacks. But we'd probably opt for Princess Mary's white ones, because the fact that she's wearing them must mean they're the most stylish option.

While we're on the subject, can we please acknowledge the 44-year-old's ensemble? I mean, just when you thought Our Mary couldn't get more perfect, she goes right ahead and pulls of an outfit that involves ten - yes, ten - different prints.

We counted.


Photogenic royals being photogenic. Images: Facebook.

When you compare the stamp to the one That Other Royal Family sat for earlier this year, well...

Sure Prince George is pretty damn adorable, but his preppy little collared shirt has nothing on Prince Vincent's boss blue hoodie.

And the setting. The behind-the-scenes snaps from the Danes' shoot looks like they're straight from the pages of an Ikea catalogue, while the Windsors went for the totally predictable gilded-palace look.

It's been done, William. It's been done.

Also, we'd like to take this opportunity to send our well wishes to Prince Frederik.

The next King of Denmark suffered a broken back recently, an injury he sustained while trampolining.

Need we say more?

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