Daniel Radcliffe's new role has left film fans baffled and disgusted.

Daniel Radcliffe’s latest film Swiss Army Man has just debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

In it, he plays the best friend of Paul Dano’s character. The twist? He’s a flatulent corpse.

The film has baffled and disgusted even seasoned Sundance audiences, some of whom have seen fit to leave the cinema during the screening.

This doesn’t bother Radcliffe.

“I love that it’s this perverse and mad,” he said, reports GQ.

“It’s exciting, to be honest, using farts other than comedy, like using them for plot and emotion and making some people super uncomfortable…. There is something wonderful about it.”

Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe Getty
Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe at the Sundance Film Festival. Image via Getty.

It’s the directorial debut of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as “Daniels”.

According to Rolling Stone, one day a few years ago, Kwan leaned over to Scheinert and said, “We need to make a movie about a man who rides a farting corpse across the ocean.”

And so it was.

The premise is this: Hank (played by Dano) has been stuck on a deserted island for so long he’s given up hope of rescue. He spots a body washed onto the beach and decides to rob it of its belt to use as a noose to hang himself.

It’s during this undertaking Hank discovers the corpse’s powerful gas.

Daniels. They directed the film clip for Lil John’s Turn Down For What? which also involved erections. Image via Instagram.

According to Rolling Stone, by the opening credits he’s riding Radcliffe’s farty corpse to freedom.

“One of my favorite moments is when you use my boner as a compass,” Radcliffe told Dano, according to Rolling Stone. “I love that.”

It was “like the end of a broom”, apparently.

So yes, in Daniel Radcliffe’s latest film, he brings a farting, boner-having corpse to life, as it were.

“I see this film as being a triumph of creativity over practicality. We shouldn’t have been able to do it, but we did,” said Radcliffe.

I kind of want to see it.

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