Daniel O'Keeffe's mum and sister are convinced police didn't do enough to find him.

Daniel O’Keeffe’s family have made it clear they think police didn’t do enough to find their son, believing he could have been found on the day he went missing if the case had been taken more seriously.

“There’s a lot of disappointment, from day one,” Daniel’s sister Loren told The Sydney Morning Herald.  

“It was very clear from the beginning that Dan was not the priority for them.”

Lori and Des O’Keeffe dedicated their lives to finding Dan. Source: Facebook.

Although the family claims that if sniffer dogs or phone trackers, Daniel would have been found in "20 minutes", requests to the SES went unanswered.

"In a way I feel cheated that my last act as mother was taken away from me," says Daniel's mother Lori.

"If Dan had been found on the day I would have been able to hold him and say goodbye."

Dan prior to his disappearance.

The statement from Daniel's family comes just a week after Daniel's sister spoke publicly about her brother's death for the first time on The Project.

Police have yet to comment on Daniel's death.