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We really must talk about MAFS' Dean Wells' breakdancing on Dancing with the Stars.

It’s estimated that the average person will change careers five to seven times in their working life.

For example, former Married at First Sight groom, Dean Wells, has gone from marketing expert to reality TV husband, attempted rapper and now he’s embarked on something completely different.

You see, in 2017 he proved he wasn’t very good at being married. A few weeks into the ‘social experiment’, he cheated on his wife, Tracey Jewel, with fellow contestant Davina Rankin and now he’s pivoted into the world of dance.

But we’re not sure he… should have. In true Dean fashion, the 42-year-old has network-swapped from Channel 9 to Channel 10 to compete in Dancing with the Stars, which premiered on Sunday night, and he did things we cannot unsee.

Watch a snippet of Dean on Dancing with the Stars and prepare to never be the same again. Post continues below.

Video by Channel 10

Truth be told, we are not dance experts.

We don’t really know what goes into a ‘cha-cha’ but we’re pretty certain it’s not a ‘singular worm.’

Dancing with the Stars Dean Wells
We don't quite understand the significance of the jackhammer. Image: Channel 10.

Throughout their dance routine, Alex, the professional, does most of the 'cha cha-ing'.

Dancing with the Stars Dean Wells
Dean dancing on Dancing with the Stars. Image: Channel 10.

Meanwhile, Dean kind of looks like a baby T-Rex learning how to walk for the first time. It's oddly pure and conflicting for someone who previously cheated on his wife on national TV.

Seeing his dance partner Alex, he begins to chase her around the stage to the tune of 'Can't Touch This,' by MC Hammer.

Dean is about to burst out into the Haka and we're pretty sure that's cultur
It's like the cha-cha with a bit of DJ Visionz. Image: Channel 10.

Promptly after finishing his dance, Dean says: "I'm a terrible dancer so I had to put in the most energy...


"They don't know that," argues host, Amanda Keller. At this point, she definitely offends the judges who are professionals in their field and 100 per cent know that Dean is a terrible dancer. But he's also famous so they let that pass.

Speaking of the judges, they're conflicted, too. The panel of experts - US Dancing with the Stars winner, Sharna Burgess, Mandy Moore (a US choreographer... not the other one) and Irish dancer and US Dancing with the Stars alumni, Tristan Macmanus - agreed that Dean put in a lot of effort.

"You look like about 90 per cent of my mates dancing but I absolutely love it," said Tristan. "You come out and you give everything that you have. That's all we can do here. Effort goes a very long way in this and your effort no one can ever question your commitment to."

Obviously this was beautifully ironic and awkward, because... MAFS, cheating, failed commitment ceremonies etc.

The 'not Mandy Moore' was more abrasive.

"When I'm watching you dance, I'm smiling and I'm not quite sure why I'm smiling but I think it's because you're having a good time, which I enjoy," she said.

Dancing with the Stars Dean Wells
Dean. You really did. Image: Channel 10.

But it was Sharna who was most honest.

"I love the song."

Their end score was an 11 out of 40. While Dean and Alex seemed ecstatic (because 11 is a higher score than zero), it put them last on the leaderboard.

Really, the ultimate winner here is Tracey Jewel.

Featured image: Channel 9.

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