The Internet tried to shame him out of dancing. Now he's dancing with the stars.

In the wise words of Men Without Hats- because we can dance if we want to.

Dancing man Sean O’Brien, who became an online sensation after being fat-shamed by a serious douche canoe internet troll, has had his very own, celebrity-studded dance party.

And it looked like the best revenge, ever.

O’Brien rose to fame after his image was posted to social media site 4chan by an anonymous user with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

But the public’s response to the images probably wasn’t what the original poster was expecting. And it will give you just a little more faith in humanity.

Euurgh, seriosuly!?

After enormous online backlash against the heartless post, the interwebs quickly became a buzz trying to find “the dancing man” so they could get him dancing again.

Celebrities like Moby, Pharrell Williams and Ellie Goulding jumped on #findthedancing man, tweeting their support.

It all came to fruition last night with over 1,000 fans busting a move with O’Brien at the Avalon nightclub in Hollywood.

For a look into what went down at the party, see social media photos from attendees below.

Oh and did we mention Moby was DJing?

And Monica Lewinsky was there!?

Image via Facebook.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online at the event, O’Brien said, “I’ve never danced so much, it’s been the best night of my life, unbelievable.

“So many people have given so much support, I’m humbled.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m going to grasp with both hands.

Monica Lewinsky has been brilliant, she bought me a foot massage as she knew my feet would be killing afterwards. She’s so thoughtful.”

Before the big bash, O’Brien went on the Today show in New York to dance with singer Meghan Trainor. Post continues after video. 

“This is amazing, this really is amazing,” O’Brien said of the planned party while on the Today show.

“There will always be bad, there will always be bad in the world, but there’s far more good people.”

He was a favourite among the fans.

The trip to Hollywood was a first for O’Brien, who said he likes to dance a lot, despite saying that he doesn’t have the best moves.

Well, bad dance moves beat bad people every single time.

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