My Kitchen Rules got this couple pregnant.

Steph posted this picture of a page from today’s Woman’s Day magazine with the caption , ‘Hey guys, we have some amazing news we have been dying to tell everyone!!!…’

Dan and Steph Mulheron are going to have a little sausage.

A baby, that is.

And the beautiful thing is, the winners of the fourth season of My Kitchen Rules used their $250,000 prize money to pay for the several cycles of IVF that lead to the good news.

“This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us and we thank everyone from the bottom of our heart”, the couple said on their Facebook page.

Dan and Steph were known as the ‘Sausage King and Queen’ on the show. “I love Frankie for a girl – you know, like frankfurters!” Dan, 33, told Woman’s Day. “And we’ve had a laugh about Sammy the sausage if it’s a boy. For now, he or she is just our ‘little buddy’.”

Here are some other names the Sausage Kings might like:










Whatever they go with, we know the baby (due in April) will have wonderful parents, considering the journey it took for Steph to get pregnant. “I feel for any couple going through IVF. It’s no walk in the park.”

They’d had unsuccessful attempts at IVF before signing up for My Kitchen Rules, and after the twelve months of the MKR process (from applying to wrapping), they used the money for more.

Dan and Steph are also running a successful cafe in Hervey Bay called Eat at Dan & Steph’s.

Congratulations to a gorgeous couple on their little baby sausage.

Dan and Steph winning the MKR final in 2013: