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Dan and Jess have broken up, and Dan says he "regrets ever meeting" her.

In a video published by Yahoo Lifestyle on Friday night, Dan Webb has confirmed he has split with Jessika Power.

“Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up,” 35-year-old Dan said.

“There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together,” he added.

The pair began seeing each other while ‘married’ to different partners, and were the most controversial couple on the reality show.

Watch the very awkward interview that aired on Monday night. Post continues. 

Dan said in the video that watching the reunion on Monday night, where footage of Jess propositioning fellow contestant Nic Jovanovic, resurfaced the trust issues he’d been struggling with.

Jess confirmed that after the reunion, the pair broke up temporarily, but two days later resumed their relationship.

“There’s rumours about her hooking up with [Nic] in an elevator. I’m hearing it happened, but I just want to hear her tell me her side. I wanted to feel like she could trust me and the person I was giving her. I was giving her as much as I could give her,” Dan said in the video.

Dan added that he has regrets “about ever meeting Jess”.

The father of one also addressed the Talking Married interview that promptly went viral after it aired live on Monday night.

The pair were seen arguing with each other, and Dan described elements of their relationship as “toxic”.


“So after Talking Married, as soon as the cameras cut, Jess stormed off. She was pretty broken. She was very upset,” Dan said.

This was an outcome Talking Married host Ben Fordham predicted.

While on the program, Dan said “Yeah, it was hard to watch back, and watching it again it sorta re-scratched those feelings… It’s hard, I probably shouldn’t have watched it. I love the girl… but it’s an awkward position I am in right now.”

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Fordham decided to take one for the team and referenced the ‘f-bombs’ that were apparently being thrown around during the ad break.

“It seems to me that the tension is still pretty strong there,” Fordham said.

Speaking to Mamamia, Fordham said that the pair were a little under the weather and, “Jess cracked a joke that she might have gotten [a cold] from Mick… she was just trying to be funny and lighten the mood. And then Dan said it was probably Nic…

“The mention of Nic’s name just led to Jess exploding and she started swearing her head off and dropping the F-bomb and threatening to walk out of  the interview before it even happened.

“It was clearly toxic and explosive,” Fordham added.

The Australian journalist and radio presenter said he wanted the viewers to “know what was really going on,” because often interview subjects will present one way off camera, and another on camera.

From what Fordham on Monday night, he concluded: “I don’t believe that they’re together now.”

“I think they were putting on an act for the TV cameras last night. Either that or their future can be measured in hours rather than days,” he told Mamamia.