The Block contestants have on-air meltdown after a bad room reveal.

It’s safe to say last night’s guest room reveal did not go as expected for The Block contestants Dan and Carleen.

The seasoned renovators were convinced their art-deco inspired room had winning potential.

The judges wholly disagreed.

Image: Screenshot/Channel 9

"It's a mish mash, just a total mess," was Neale Whitaker's final remark about the room, which scored the lowest of the evening, garnering just 17 points out of a possible 30.

"I’ve never had so much criticism in all my life. Basically at the end of the day they don’t like my taste at all. What am I supposed to do? I’m seriously ready to go home," Carleen said, while Dan likened it to "A kick in the guts."

While the pair's immediate reaction to their feedback didn't exactly hide their surprise, it's their meltdown after the show that has really caused a stir.


They judges are not impressed. Image: Screenshot/Channel 9

In the car ride home, Carleen was recorded letting loose on the judges, with interior designer Shaynna Blaze copping most of the heat after she described the couple's room as "Nana fifties".

"To call this a mishmash and the stuff they've said is terribly insulting. I will find it very hard to meet them," Carleen can be heard saying.

"Shaynna Blaze you absolute bogan from nowhere... who's done good."



Not happy. Image: Channel 9/The Block

The recording was played at the start of last night's episode, before viewers were shown the room and score reveals.

Blaze is yet to to respond to the comment, which bears striking resemblance to the "bogan from Wantirna" jab made by 2014 contestant Deane Jolly.

"Shaynna is not commenting," a Nine spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph.

Discussing the outburst on The Today Show this morning, The Block host Scotty Cam made light of the "insult".

"She's a great bogan... I'm a bogan, we're all bogans," he joked, with hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger agreeing.

Dan and Carleen's room drew criticism for its overpowering art deco wall paper, "drab" throw, "$2 shop accessories" and "poorly styled" walk-in wardrobe.

"It's just a mess, it's a complete mess. It makes me want to start renovating," said Whitaker.

Will and Karlie took out the top spot and $10,000 with their 27 out of 30-worthy industrial take on the art deco brief, or "in-deco" as they dubbed it.

Image: Screenshot/Channel 9