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Kelcey became a fan favourite on Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Here's why she quit the team.

Netflix's docuseries America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has become the gift that keeps on giving.

The seven episodes are addictive viewing, and we can't stop obsessing over all the amazing women introduced throughout the series. 

One cheerleader who has quickly become a fan favourite is DCC veteran Kelcey Wetterberg. The series documented Kelcey's final year before she left the team, after a mammoth five years in the iconic squad.

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Video via Netflix. 

The show follows the lives of the DCC members, both on and off the field, as they prepare for the 2023 football season. Kelcey was a group leader during the 2023 season and when she wasn't cheering, she worked full-time as a paediatric nurse.

Between sizzling up the field and saving lives, the woman can DO IT ALL.

Kelcey's early life.

Hailing from Omaha in Nebraska, Kelcey began her dance journey at the age of three. She went on to compete with the Nebraska Dance Company and Millard West Dance Team, eventually becoming a gold medallist with the United States National Jazz Team in 2017.


Her passion for dance led her to join the Arizona State University dance team before she went on to become the choreography captain for the University of Nebraska's dance team.

As her dance training continued, Kelcey also just low-key got a degree in nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2019. That same year, Kelcey's journey with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders began. She auditioned and got through, quickly rising through the ranks to become the first group leader (aka the team captain, for us normies). 

Kelcey during an interview on the Netflix series. Image: Netflix. 


Kelcey's other full-time job is as a nurse.

As shown in the Netflix series, Kelcey has a gruelling schedule working as a paediatric nurse during the day and attending DCC practices at night. She often leaves her house at 7am and returns home at midnight.

In one scene, Kelcey is seen meal-prepping for the week ahead. "You learn to expedite your meals when you're busy, like me, 18 hours a day," she said.

Kelcey admitted her proudest accomplishment was "being able to add 'DCC' and 'RN' (registered nurse) to my name in the same month!" On her DCC profile, Kelcey says she hopes to be "a good role model for my nieces and nephews. I want them to see that they can accomplish anything if they work hard, stay thankful, and live an intentional life."

Who is Kelcey Wetterberg's boyfriend?

Off the field, Kelcey lives with her boyfriend, Nate Crnkovich, an actor who has appeared in shows like Minx and other Lifetime movies.

Their love story began in 2020, with Nate noting in the docuseries that he sacrificed his acting career to support Kelcey in her cheerleading aspirations. "I do want to continue with acting. I think it's just been something kind of put on the back burner. Especially once I moved to Dallas for Kelcey, that made things difficult," he admitted.

Nate proposed to Kelcey during a surprise engagement photoshoot filmed for the show. This cute moment was followed by a cheerleader squad engagement party, which was attended by the full DCC team.


Why did Kelcey leave the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

After a long run with the team, Kelcey decided it was time for her to retire — but it's unclear exactly what prompted Kelcey's decision, although she did express a desire to focus on her relationship with Nate and her nursing career. While not explicitly stated by Kelcey, many DCC members retire after five years because of the physical demands of the job on the dancers' bodies.

There's no official limit on how many years a cheerleader can dance for the DCC, but there seems to be an unspoken understanding among team members that five years is a common tenure.


In the docuseries, Kelcey said she was "happy to be moving on from the world of DCC".

Where is Kelcey Wetterberg now?

After five seasons, Kelcey has stepped away from the world of cheerleading. She is now focusing on her career as a paediatric nurse and planning her wedding to her fiancé, Nate. 

On social media, Kelcey has been sharing updates about her wedding planning with her groom-to-be. 

Since ending her time with the squad, Kelcey has posted photos with several current and former DCC members, suggesting they're all still close friends. Wholesome!

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Feature image: Netflix.

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