Jinelle Esther was at the peak of Australian cheerleading. Then she joined the Dallas Cowboys.

When you think of the iconic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a squad that embodies the All-American girl, you might not expect them to hail from the land down under. 

But Jinelle Esther defied the odds, leaving her home in Australia to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a DCC. With her talent, dedication, and vibrant personality, Jinelle quickly became a standout on the squad and a fan favorite. 

Her unique journey from Melbourne to the sidelines of AT&T Stadium is one of passion, perseverance, and breaking barriers. Here's everything you need to know about the Aussie Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Who is Jinelle Esther and what is her dance background?


Jinelle Esther grew up in Melbourne, Australia and started dancing at the young age of four. She trained in various styles including jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. 

Prior to joining the DCC, Jinelle was a professional cheerleader in Australia for seven years. She left behind her family, friends, and the Australian cheer squad she was part of to chase her dreams in Dallas.

When did Jinelle Esther enter training camp?

Jinelle first entered the rigorous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp in 2012. The audition process and training camp are notoriously challenging, as shown on Jinelle's first season, season eight of the CMT reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

Despite being a talented dancer, Jinelle had to work hard to adapt to the DCC style and stand out among a sea of talented candidates vying for a coveted spot on the squad.

On the show, selectors loved her personality and how wonderful Jinelle showed up on 'the board', which is the screens they have within the stadium to broadcast the cheer routines. 

Is Jinelle Esther still a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?


No, Jinelle is no longer a current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. After several years on the squad, she retired from the DCC, finishing up on the Making the Team show on season 13. Jinelle now lives in Australia with her wife Katy, whom she married in early 2021. 

Katy was a former DCC project coordinator. Though her DCC dancing days are behind her, Jinelle remains a legend and trailblazer in the organization.

Have there ever been any other Australians in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Yes, Jinelle is not the only Aussie to grace the DCC sidelines. Fellow Australian Angela Nicotera also made the squad around the same time as Jinelle in 2012. 

Angela described the audition process as extremely hard but was proud to represent Australia in the DCC. The DCC are one of the only professional cheerleading squads that still hold open auditions, allowing international candidates like Jinelle and Angela the opportunity to join.

What do Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders alumni do?


Many DCC alumni continue careers in dance and entertainment after their cheerleading days. Some go on to dance professionally for artists or on Broadway. Others become dance teachers and studio owners. DCC alumni also often work in fields like broadcast journalism, acting, and modeling. 

Notable DCC alum include Melissa Rycroft, a TV personality who appeared on Dancing With The Stars and Good Morning America, and KaShara Garrett, who now works as a choreographer for the DCC.

Though Jinelle Esther is no longer an active DCC, her legacy as the Aussie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who captured hearts lives on. She proved that the iconic All-American squad can have an international flair. Jinelle showed that with big dreams, hard work, and a vibrant spirit, a girl from Melbourne can make it all the way to America's Team.

Featured image: Instagram/jinelle_esther

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