Ariana was told she was 'too short' for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Then she got a call.

If you tuned into America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, it's likely you have strong opinions about Ariana McClure.

She was the hopeful rookie, auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with a pep in her step and some truly enviable volume in her hair. But Ari was booted from the audition process in the final rounds, because she 'wasn't tall enough' to meet standards set by Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, Charlotte Jones.

But, you might be thinking, why did she even audition if there were height restrictions? What are the DCC height restrictions? Why did they wait until the final rounds to cut her from the team? Great questions! This is what's been playing on the minds of fans since the series premiered. Never has height-related discourse been so intriguing.

Fortunately, there's a new update to Ari's cheerleading story that will leave fans overjoyed. 

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What happened to Ariana McClure after America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Though she didn't make the cut for the DCC (more on that in a moment) Ari has found cheerleading bliss with another NFL team.

On June 6, Ariana announced she'd been selected for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2024 training camp. Just a few weeks later, the overjoyed cheerleader shared an exciting update that had fans shaking their pom-poms.

"If I've learned anything, it’s that everything happens for a reason and I couldn't be more excited to announce I'm officially an NFL CHEERLEADER," Ari wrote on Instagram.


"I woke up this morning still trying to comprehend that this is really happening! The past 3 years have truly shown that God will move mountains to get you to where you're meant to be and I've never felt more assured that this was His plan all along!

"There's no words to explain the love and appreciation I have for all the people who have pushed me and believed in me."

Ari also thanked the "amazing women" behind the Miami team for "believing" in her and "making [her] dreams come true".

Ariana McClure scores a spot on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders team. Image: Instagram/@arimcclure


How tall is Ariana McClure from America's Sweethearts?

In an Instagram Q&A hosted recently, Ari revealed she's 5'2. That's 157cm, by the way. In case you were wondering.

Is Ariana McClure still friends with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

She may not have succeeded in joining the DCC, but Ari is still being cheered on by her peers from Dallas. 

DCC fan-favourite Victoria Kalina shared that she was "so proud" of Ari for her new position in Miami. 

Rookie Reece Weaver left a supportive comment on Ari’s big announcement, saying: "I AM BEAMING FOR YOU!!!!!!! What a beautiful gem you are inside and out!!!!!!"

Elizabeth DiGiovanni commented: "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON BABY!!! So proud of my girl. GO MDC ARI."

Ariana shared a series of snaps from training camp. Image: Instagram/@arimcclure.


Why didn't Ariana McClure make the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders team?

Ari quickly became a breakout star on America's Sweethearts, with fans rallying around her across social media platforms when she was cut in the final stages due to her height.

So, what are the height requirements for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? Turns out, there actually... aren't any. 

"You should look well-proportioned in dancewear. We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements," the guidelines read.

Yet, in the final round of auditions, Charlotte told DCC director Kelli Finglass that Ari wouldn't fit in with the other women due to her smaller stature. It's been noted that in the previous DCC docu-series Making The Team, Kelli said they want the cheerleaders to be of similar heights due to the uniform nature of the routines — including the iconic kick line.


Kelli Finglass from the DCC previously said they like to keep consistent heights for the kick line. Image: Netflix.

Though she was sad not to make the cut, Ari says there are no hard feelings in cheerleading. Kind of like how there's 'no crying in baseball'.

"I have zero regret with any of the DCC experience. I would go through the entire process again if it meant I was able to find my forever sisters and best friends like I did," she wrote on Instagram.


"The relationships I made and the friendships I formed are something I will cherish forever.

"I think I was able to grow so much personally — both dance wise and mentally. I learned so much about myself and full-heartedly believe everything happened for a reason."

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