Daiso challenge: the beauty hits and misses from the $2.80 megastore.

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With the growing interest in Asian beauty and skincare brands, the slightly wackier but definitely larger version of your local two dollar shop, Japanese megastore Daiso, has become a go-to for many beauty addicts.

With everything priced at $2.80 (yes, everything), I decided to find out what amazing products I was missing out on.

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After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to a mix of makeup and skincare, including eyebrow templates, a charcoal cleansing cream, face cocoons, mascara and nose shadow.

Yes, I purchased "nose shadow".

The grand total at the counter? $14. Seeing as my budget was $15, that left me with change for a celebratory Freddo frog. Winning.

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Charcoal Cleansing Cream

I'll be honest, I thought I had picked up a different product - the charcoal mask. I can't really blame it on my inability to read Japanese, as it is clearly labelled on the side, so we'll say I was just excited and overwhelmed.

My $2.80 charcoal cleanser.

Made up of tiny pieces of charcoal, it's a "natural cleansing cream" that promises to remove makeup and clean pores by absorbing any "dust or pollution". It's part of the very popular charcoal range which includes a mask and toner.

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I didn't have much makeup on, but used the blue-grey coloured product to remove any remanants and stubborn eye makeup. It worked reasonably well, and everything was clear once I had rinsed it off with warm water.

One problem: I have sensitive skin and immediately experienced some irritation on one side of my face. That said, the rest of my face felt soft without feeling tight, and continued to feel that way the next day.

My skin about 10 minutes after use. Image: supplied.

The smell isn't strong, but I didn't find it particularly pleasant.

Verdict: An interesting product to try, although I wouldn't recommend it for people with super sensitive skin. While I wouldn't repurchase, I'd definitely try the other two products in the charcoal range. (Post continues in and after gallery.)

While there were certainly some misses, there are also definitely some gems lurking in the bursting aisles of Daiso - and at $2.80, you can afford to find out.

Have you tried any beauty products from Daiso? What do you recommend?

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