After 6-yo Reilly wasn't invited to any birthday parties, his dad sent a crushing text.

“He’s not an after thought, he’s my every f*cking thought.”

This is a dad in the UK, talking to his friends about his son, who they’ve failed to invite to any of their kids’ parties.

Why? Because Shane Stephenson’s six-year-old son Reilly has autism. He is “non verbal” and “super cute” according to the blog The Life of Reilly, which is run by Shane and his wife, Reilly’s mum, Christine.

Shane has had enough.

“My son Reilly has autism, not f*cking leprosy,” begins the text, which was shared to Twitter via Christine who said: “My husband’s message to his mates breaks my heart.”

Reilly Stephenson. Image via Twitter.

The text reads:

"He is six years old and my so-called friends who have kids also have kids parties. Not ONE invite. Not f*cking one. Have you any idea how hurtful that is?"

Shane's friends might not, but much of the internet does. The tweet has been met with huge support from other parents who've experienced the same thing.

Not only is there understanding, Reilly has also been inundated with invitations.



In his text, Shane said his anger had been "brewing for some time".

He finished strong, just in case any of his friends decided to change their habits. "For the record, in future don't bother. He's not an after thought. He's my every f*cking thought."

But not only have the people in Shane's life lost a friend, they'll also never understand something more important. As journalist Jo Abi wrote for Mamamia in April last year, connecting with a child with autism can "feel like a gift".\

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"When a high-functioning autistic child smiles at you while maintaining eye contact, it feels as though you are basking in the warmest rays of the sun," Abi wrote, talking about her nine-year-old son Giovanni and his friends.

"It’s like being one of the chosen ones. When I know I’ve made contact, it's a real connection."

Go, Reilly, go. Go to the kids' parties you've been invited to from all corners of the country. Smile and feel your insides glow as you connect with your classmates and their families, the people who understand you and want you next to them.

Know that you have people who cherish you. And see how you father's text proves, more than anything, the way he, your mum, and so many others have your back, no matter what.

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