Believe it or not, there's a touching story behind these "dangerous" baby photos.

Just like any other loving parent, 32-year-old Stephen from Dublin, Ireland, likes to share photos of his adorable 18-month-old daughter Hannah online.

Nothing new, right?

Except Stephen’s pictures show Hannah in a series of “marginally dangerous” situations.

Not “jumping into the jaws of a shark” dangerous, but “oh, someone should really be watching that baby” dangerous.

baby near stove photoshop dangerous
Is this safe? Image via Imgur.

The type of dangerous that is just subtle enough to feel real.

Of course, it's not. It's all thanks to Stephen's glorious Photoshop skills.

"I thought it would be fun to worry family by putting someone delicate in precarious situations," Stephen, a graphic designer, told HUH Magazine of his photographs.

"Most of the reactions have been positive, with the odd person not getting the joke and commenting I 'should be shot'."

baby driving car dangerous
"Outta my way!" Image via Imgur.

And what does Stephen's wife think of the pics?

"[She] works for the Irish equivalent of [Child Protective Services]," Stephen wrote on Reddit.

"She particularly hates them as I tag her in them on Facebook for her colleagues to see."

baby climbing ladder photoshop dangerous
We're sure Stephen's wife LOVES this picture. Image via Imgur.

The pictures show Hannah sitting on a railing beside a lake, perched on a bench next to a block of knives and an open flame, steering a speeding car down a highway and even precariously balanced on a step ladder leading to an attack.


While Stephen's images - which he's uploaded to image-sharing site Imgur and have been viewed millions of times - have provided the internet with plenty of LOLs, there's actually a touching story behind the photos.

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"The series came about when Hannah came out of hospital after receiving a bone transplant at the age of 10 months," Stephen said.

"She had a very rare immune disorder called HLH and spent 6 months of her first year in hospital, receiving chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, which is the only possible cure.

baby near lake photoshop dangerous
The images are Stephen's way of making the most of every moment with baby Hannah. Image via Imgur.

"Of 27 million worldwide donors, three were deemed suitable, and an anonymous German lady donated."

Stephen said his photos with his little girl are his way of making up for lost time after she "missed out on so much normal stuff" in the first year of her life.

"Now that she's out of isolation we're catching up on everything we missed and doing fun stuff like this. It's great fun," Stephen said.

Were you fooled by Stephen's Photoshopped pictures?