This dad's simple $3 hack solves the most grating part of going to the beach.

We love everything about the beach… except the motherflippin’ sand. And it’s EVERYWHERE.

After a trip to the beach it follows you around for months, turning up in your car, your handbag, behind your couch.

Luckily, a dad has shared a very simple and affordable hack for removing sand from your kids‘ (… and your own) feet after a day at the beach.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, which has been viewed over 145,000 times, the dad demonstrates how to remove sand with a common household product – talcum powder.

His daughter’s feet are covered in wet sand, so the dad grabs a bottle of talcum powder and rubs some over her feet, and in between her toes. He then wipes her feet with a towel and all of the sand (including the bits between her toes) immediately comes off.

It’s so simple and effective – and you can buy a small bottle of talcum powder for as little as $3 in Australia.

Well done, dad.

LISTEN: Turns out our kids actually DO listen to us.

Do you know any other simple beach hacks? Share them in the comments below.

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